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Sharia Law in God’s Country?

Michael J. Matt POSTED: Wednesday November 17,. 2010
Editor, The Remnant  

Sharia Law here in the hinterland? Unthinkable, right? Not anymore, at least not since large numbers of Somali Muslims have decided to trade their desert sand for our frozen tundra. And while the snow isn’t a problem for our new neighbors the law of the land is proving to be, which is why they’re lobbying to have Muslim law recognized and enforced here in Minnesota.

Last month Somali employees began refusing service to Minnesotans attempting to purchase bacon from the frozen food departments of local Target stores. Pork, after all, is unclean and mustn’t be handled

In addition, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on more than 5000 cases of Somali cab drivers refusing to pick up fares that failed various Sharia litmus tests.

So, evidently, if Sven and Ole are spotted outside the airport with so much as a bottle of wine in their possession they may well have trouble hailing a cab. Even sight-impaired folks with service dogs are reportedly being stranded curbside because animals are considered unclean and for a Muslim to transport one in his automobile would violate Sharia law.

But here in “God’s country” our strength is our diversity, or so we’re told by our social engineers; so  there’s no stopping Sharia law.  Rather than showing their Muslim mutineers the door, Target stores are merely reassigning them to departments where they’ll be less apt to run afoul of Sharia law.  And what about those Somali cabbies?  Still gainfully employed, of course, and electing on their own who gets a ride home from the airport and who doesn’t. It’s multiculturalism at its best.

Still, one can’t really blame the Muslim for the absurd surrender of the Christian. The people tolerating this sort of nonsense in their various countries were once a Christian people. And when formerly Christian societies begin laying down their swords, abandoning their founding principles, criminalizing Christianity, and effectively eliminating their own borders, should we really blame the inevitable Muslim interlopers for stepping into the void?

Christians could mount some sort of legal challenge  in defense of their own culture and laws, I suppose, but that would require cooperation from at least a few Christians that still actually give a damn. And there’s the rub.  Most of us can't even stir ourselves when creatures like Lady Gaga "entertain" the kids dressed as a nun while desecrating a rosary and engaging in simulated gay sex. Clearly, an unimaginative little stain like Gaga has nothing to fear from the Christian world.

Christianity withstood every assault leveled against it over two millennia--the Romans, the Barbarians, the Vikings, even Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao. But it's having one 'hell of a time' with modern democracy.  Over the past half century the Christian surrender has been complete. And an anti-Christian society is no match for Islam.

Even the Catholic Church—the once great nemesis of Islam—has been busy Protestantizing its sacraments, discarding its sacramentals, and plundering its own sanctuaries.  Who’s fault is that?  The Muslims?

Catholic schools and universities routinely teach the mythification of Sacred Scripture, the  denial of Genesis, the promotion of evolution, and the recasting of  defenders of absolute truth as blood brothers to the fascists. Shall  we blame Islam for this, as well? 

It may be fashionable to hate Muslims right now but it’s not right and it only exacerbates the problem. If we had any appreciation for history we’d be terrified of what’s in store for us, realizing along with Hilaire Belloc that “cultures spring from religions” and that ultimately the vital force which maintains any culture “is its philosophy, its attitude toward the universe”, and that the “decay of a religion involves the decay of the culture corresponding to it.” Belloc argued that the “bad work begun at the Reformation is bearing its final fruit in the dissolution of our ancestral doctrines—the very structure of our society is dissolving.”

So said Belloc—but he doesn’t play for the Yankees nor does he work for the Fox News Channel. So, whatever!

 “O Stupid Catholics, who has bewitched you?”, Fr. Richard Perozich asked Catholics in San Diego last month. “It is either going to be the way of evil or the way of truth. We must engage it as an ambassador for Christ and not as an agent of the devil.” 

But when Nancy Pelosi, Roger Mahony, and Joe Biden become the new face of Catholicism in the West is it any wonder that Islam is rising? There’s nothing but buffoonery standing in its way.  The Catholic Church is far too busy closing her own churches and proclaiming the good news of ecumenism and Theology of the Body to stand up to much of anything, even the renegades and apostates running her own institutions.

Sharia law is coming, and so is the Divine chastisement we no longer fear because we no longer believe. Instead we blame everyone and everything for our predicament, which is a consequence of own crisis of belief, fostered and encouraged by the policies of our own shepherds. We’ve become faithless and afraid, hoping to win the approval of our secularist jailors by hiding our Faith and even denying our King. But killing Muslims, bombing their cities, banning burqas, railing against them on TV is not going to change the fact that we’ve dropped the Cross—which is only the reason the Crescent is rising.

If we continue to reject the social kingship of Christ there is no hope for us.  Our  faith will have failed to such an extent that all we can do is make lame appeals to a democracy which, as the late, great Michael Davies contended, was itself “enshrined in the French Revolution’s Declaration of the Rights of Man, the declaration which constituted a formal and insolent repudiation of the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ”.  Clearly the enemy has won total victory over us when all we can think to do here on the eve of our total destruction, is appeal to him for our salvation and behave in public as if Our Lord no longer exists.    

Our Holy Church teaches that Omnis potestas a Deo – “All authority comes from God – not “We the People.” We the People overthrew the Social Kingship of Christ in the first place, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. Is this the fault of the Muslims? Or are they merely the instruments of God’s justice, the Divine remedy for universal apostasy among Christians? 

Our only help is in the Name of the Lord. Unless we return to the proclamation  of His law, I fear we can expect Sharia law to become ours here at home and throughout all Christendom.  It’s Christ the King—or chaos. There is no alternative. 

Please God, let’s wake up before it’s too late!

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