Fascist 'Hate' Hunters and their

Laughable Double Standard

“Human Rights Industry is Full of Anti-Christian Bigots,” Says Canadian Attorney

Mark Alessio


History Repeats Itself:

Time to round up the Christians again
(www.RemnantNewspaper.com Posted 12/03/08) In an October 30, 2008 entry of his blog, ezralevant.com, Canadian author, journalist and lawyer, Ezra Levant, has made available the facts behind a 2003 ruling by the Alberta Human Rights Commission in the case of “Quintin Johnson vs. Music World.” In the summer of 1997, Mr. Johnson was browsing in the Music World store in the city of Red Deer, Alberta. In the heavy metal section, he came across a CD titled, Upon the Cross, by a band called Deicide. The CD contained a song titled, “Kill the Christian.” Because he was “upset at the distributor for marketing the product and the irresponsibility of the artists,” Johnson purchased the CD, went home, and played the song. The lyrics to the song include the lines:


Kill The Christian

You are the one we despise

Day in day out your words compromise lies

I will love watching you die

Satan wants you dead


Kill the Christian, kill the Christian

Kill the Christian, kill the Christian


Armies of darkness unite

Destroy their temples and churches with fire

Where in this world will you hide

Sentenced to death, the anointment of Christ

In due time your path leads to me

Put you out of your misery

The death of prediction


Kill the Christian

Kill the Christian, dead!

These lyrics were read into the record by the complainant at the Human Rights Panel hearing on May 7, 2003. Mr. Johnson testified that these CD’s did not carry an advisory label and that, “as a Christian ... and as an artist, he feels he has as many rights as the rest of the public.” He claimed that “the distribution of these CD’s exposes Christians to hatred,” and that they constituted “blatant discrimination and proliferation of hatred.”

Lori G. Andreachuk, Panel Chair of the Human Rights Panel, dismissed Mr. Johnson’s complaint on the following grounds:

- There is very little likelihood of a representation to expose a person or class of persons to hatred or contempt in the context of this particular medium which is unlikely to be taken seriously or credibly by the target group.

- The message, which includes its content, tone and surrounding circumstances, is highly unlikely to affect the target group.

- The medium lacks credibility and circulation and is quite unlikely to have any affect on the target group. Further, the context of the songs must be considered as lacking in credibility or reality.

- The vulnerability of the target group would be extremely limited, if at all and the audience, including the exposed, would be limited in nature and would only come into possession of these particular CD’s in an overt act of volition on their own behalf.  

Comment: CD’s which blatantly advocate the murder of Christians are not worthy of censure? Why not? Because they are not credible or popular? Because they would only be purchased by those who deliberately seek them out? “Hang on,” asks Mr. Levant, “doesn't that describe just about every single hate speech case prosecuted in this country? They're almost always obscure websites on the Internet, with no credibility and with very little traffic – except for the agents provocateurs of the human rights industry, trolling for new targets.”

He continues:

Doesn't Comrade Andreachuk's ruling – by definition! – suggest that a neo-Nazi could never be guilty of spreading hate, because by definition a neo-Nazi is obscure, not credible, and listened to only by those who seek them out?

The point here is not to advocate censorship. It is not what constitutes “hate.” It is the use of the burgeoning “hate crime” racket as a club with which to pound Catholics and Protestants – and only Catholics and Protestants. It is the unwillingness of the “hate crime” establishment – a redundant entity in a society guided by the rule of law—to apply consistent standards and principles to all.

Contrast the dismissal of Mr. Johnson’s complaint with the insanity endured by Rev. Stephen Bossoin, the Alberta pastor who received from the Alberta Human Rights Commission both a lifetime ban on preaching sermons that criticize homosexuality and a lifetime ban on private communications (such as e-mails) which are critical of homosexuality.

In July of 2002, a complaint was filed by Dr. Darren E. Lund accusing Stephen Bossoin (of the Concerned Christian Coalition Inc.) of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation contrary to Section 3 of the Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act. On Monday, June 17, 2002, the Red Deer Advocate Newspaper had published a letter to the editor entitled “Homosexual Agenda Wicked,” written by Bossoin.

According to Section 3 of the Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act:

No person shall publish, issue or display or cause to be published, issued or displayed before the public any statement, publication, notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other representation that (a) Indicates discrimination or an intention to discriminate against a person or a class of persons, or (b) Is likely to expose a person or a class of persons to hatred or contempt because of the race, religious beliefs, color, gender, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income or family status of that person or class of persons.

Stephen Bossoin’s hearing was held on November 30, 2007. Once again, the Human Rights Panel was chaired by Lori G. Andreachuk, who is a divorce lawyer, not a specialist in constitutional law. Under cross-examination, Mr. Bossoin stated, “When homosexuals or pro-homosexual activists are teaching children that homosexuality is normal, necessary, acceptable, and productive, and as far as I understand, using my tax dollars as well to do so, I not only have a right to speak up about it, but I felt that I had an obligation .... I do not hate the homosexual. I hate the practice and what it propagates and the damage that it causes in our society.”

Andreachuk’s final decision against Bossoin reads:

Having considered the Charter and the balancing of the freedoms set out in the Charter, I have interpreted the Act in a manner which respected the broad protection granted to religious freedom. However, I have found that this protection does not trump the protection afforded under the Alberta human rights legislation .... In this case, the publication’s exposure of homosexuals to hatred and contempt trumps the freedom of speech afforded in the Charter. It cannot be the case that any speech wrapped in the ‘guise’ of politics or religion is beyond reproach by any legislation but the Criminal Code.

Questioning the radical homosexual agenda equals “exposure of homosexuals to hatred and contempt.” But “the context of the songs must be considered” when evaluating lyrics such as “Kill the Christian/Kill the Christian, dead!” Okay. What if the song contained such execrable lyrics as:

Kill the Homosexual (or Jew, or Muslim, etc.)

You are the one we despise

I will love watching you die

Satan wants you dead

Kill the Homosexual (or Jew, or Muslim, etc.)

Would it still be considered an exception to the protections offered by the Charter? Would Lori Andreachuk remain the very image of juridical stoicism? Of course not.

“Let's state the obvious,” writes Ezra Levant. “The human rights industry is full of anti-Christian bigots like Comrade Andreachuk. I am unaware of a single non-Christian ever being convicted of a hate speech offense – certainly none have been at the federal CHRC [Canadian Human Rights Commission]. But the HRCs pick on Christians like a bully pulling the wings off of flies, roughing up Toronto's Fr. Alphonse de Valk; the Christian Heritage Party; Calgary's Bishop Fred Henry; and, no doubt, a dozen other martyrs who quietly paid off their tormentors with some sort of plea bargain.”



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