Christianity & the Blair Witch Hunt
The Rise of the Ultimate Neo-Catholics

Martin Blackshaw

Tony Blair:
Pro Choice Leftist, Leading Candidate for

Permanent President of the EU, Recent Catholic 'Convert'

(Posted 0421/09 At the September 1999 Labour Party Conference in Brighton, England, Donald Dewar, the first leader of an independent Scottish Parliament for 300 years, stood before his peers and declared to rapturous upstanding applause: “Section 28 is no more!”

I will never forget the vehement delivery of this statement from the man now dubbed “Father of the Nation” by Socialist Scots. It was the delivery of a man revelling in his triumph over fierce Christian opposition to the scrapping of an article of Scottish law that forbids the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle in schools.

From henceforth school children in Scotland would have their minds and consciences formed to accept as normal and acceptable that sexual practice that the Catholic Church teaches is immoral.

One month after his victory, on October 10th to be precise, Donald Dewar suffered a bump to the head in a minor fall. This bump caused a major brain haemorrhage to occur and on the following day, October 11th, Donald Dewar was dead at age 63.

Elected to the position of First Minister of Scotland on the anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady at Fatima, (May 13) 1999. Called to his judgement on the feast of the Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin, (October 11) 2000. Coincidence?

Until his move north to head the Scottish Parliament, Donald Dewar had been a senior figure in the New Labour government of Tony Blair at Westminster. He was a close collaborator with Blair and the one who was to signal that government’s intention to suppress every last vestige of Christian morality in Britain, beginning with the more-prudish Scots.

Nine years on from the death of Dewar and the work of that long-term Socialist government in Britain is almost complete under present Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

But it is to Tony Blair’s decade in office that we can attribute a calculated and determined programme to de-Christianise Britain, primarily through an aggressive promotion of homosexuality that included the gradual outlawing of all opposition.

Given his track record while in office, it came as no little shock to British Catholics when Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor received Blair unconditionally into the Church shortly after he left government. This shock was compounded by the very fact that one of his last acts as Prime Minister was to ensure no exclusion for Catholic adoption agencies from new legislation giving homosexual couples the right to adopt children.

Many thought then, and still think, that Blair should have been required first to publicly abjure these very public acts of promoting immorality during his political tenure before being received as a Catholic. 

It seems now that not only was he not required to make such an abjuration in public, he was not even asked to make it in private in accordance with the moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

Hence, in a recent interview with gay magazine ‘Attitude’, Blair, the Catholic convert (?), speaking as head of his own Faith Foundation, announced that the Pope has got it wrong on homosexuality.

Putting himself forward as an alternative Magisterium for liberal Catholics, he claimed that Pope Benedict’s views are “entrenched” and that there must be a less literal and more metaphorical interpretation of Scripture’s condemnation of sodomy. This from the man who stubbornly refused to take a less-literal and more metaphorical view of intelligence reports on Iraq’s weapons capabilities during his time in government, and whose “entrenched” anti-Saddam position is still costing lives.

Clearly, Tony Blair does not hold the Catholic Faith. If he did he would accept the dogma of Papal infallibility which guarantees the Pontiff divine protection from teaching error to the universal Church in matters of faith and morals.

So what is this man all about? Well he is not about supernatural religion, that’s for sure. The hint is in the absence of the word Catholic from his Faith Foundation.

Given both his past and present determination to push the homosexual agenda, and given that his Foundation is essentially syncretist, e.g., all religions are equally good and praiseworthy, and given further that his assault on the Holy Father was timed to coincide with the pressure being brought to bear on His Holiness over his African AIDS assessment, I think it fair to conclude that Blair is an apostle of the new world order, a purely natural order that uses religion merely as a vehicle for spreading liberal Socialism to every corner of the globe.

That Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor could have permitted such a metaphorical weapon of mass destruction to enter so easily into the Church beggars belief. But, then, this liberal Cardinal is soon to retire and I understand that he is already assured (wink, wink) of a peerage and a seat in the House of Lords.

We must only hope that his fellow Lords never have to rely on his vote to down some future piece of immoral legislation.

In the meantime Barack Obama appears to have acquired Blair’s government manifesto, for his actions thus far have been identically hostile to Christian morality. The US is just beginning down that road we Brits have travelled these past twelve years. In the end there will be no morality left worth talking about. And, who knows, maybe Obama will finally ask for reception into the Catholic Church, head up his own Faith Foundation and set about the business of destroying from within, just like Blair.