International Declaration in Support of Pope Benedict Draws Support from all Across the World
From Brazil to Spain to Germany to Australia to Mexico to France to Ireland and beyond--thousands sign International Declaration of Support for Holy Father

Press Release

(February 13, 2009) In addition to the list of influential signers of the Second International Declaration in Support of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI posted here on February 3, and here  on February 7, and here on February 10, yet another hundred or so priests, academics, professors, magazine editors, journalists lawyers, journalists and organization heads have signed the Declaration over the last three days (see below). We continue to post these lists so that it will be apparent to all that not only thousands of faithful Catholics but also hundreds of persons of influence in the Church and out are rallying in support of the Holy Father.


The list of faithful who have signed the Declaration has now topped 3,000, with more coming in every hour. We're so grateful to all those who have added their much needed support. Though not every name collected will be posted, every name will most certainly be appended to the Declaration and sent to the Holy Father.  Please spread the word that we're looking to collect as many names as possible. We'd like to collect at least 10,000 before sending the Declaration to the Holy Father. If you have not already signed it, please click here. In addition, please send this link to news agencies, websites, blogs, news commentators, friends, family, etc. and help  spread the word, since, clearly, there isn't a moment to lose. God save the Pope!

...Michael J. Matt



Father Thomas J. Euteneuer
President, Human Life International


(The Rev.) Enrique T Rueda

Priest, Professor, Author

The National Shrine of St. Philomena

Miami, FL


Hilary White

Rome Correspondent


Fr. Michael Mary, F.SS.R.

Papa Stronsay


Fr. Marian Wierzchowski SAC

Brooklyn NY 11219


Fr. James McCayley, SJ, ThL, MA. Priest

Retired professor


Father Pedro R. Ocampo

Diocesan priest



Fr. Joseph Klee, MSE, MDiv., MA

St. Mary Church, Portsmouth, OH


Lord Grantley

Knight of Honour and Devotion,

Sovereign Military Order of Malta

London, England


Franko and Margrit Sokolic

Human Life International S.A.

Cape Town, South Africa


Marc Grellière

Professeur Paris France


Laura Reens, M.Ed.



Robert Schroder, RPh


Sheila T Parkhill, Attorney at Law,
On behalf of The Holy Family Society of Tucson, Arizona


Mr Steve Ronson, LLB, BA (Jur),

Civil Servant (Australia)


Mrs Helen Ronson, BA, DipEd

Teacher (Australia)


Mr and Mrs. Paul Vincent Cyr and family

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Latin Mass Community


David Fhlug

Una Voce Upper Peninsula of Michigan


Sherry Foster, Remnant Columnist, Teacher

Robert Foster, Chief of Police, Retired

Frank Foster, Student

Elizabeth Foster, Student


Marcelo Murai, Ph.D.,

Research Scholar, Kansas State University,

Manhattan, USA and Campinas, Brazil


Hugh Henry

Editor, 'Fidelity'

Melbourne, Australia


Richard Ritchie
UK Government Affairs


Rogerio C. Sassonia

Master’s Degree in Physical Chemistry

Campinas, SP – Brazil


Gerard J. Garno, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Holy Name Society, St. Joseph’s Church
Armada, Michigan


Gregory Rush

Chairman of the ' Schola Servorum Trust'

Parish Pastoral Council

Latin Mass community

Holy Family Parish


 Te Atatu

Auckland, New Zealand.


Brian T. Bloomquist, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical industry


Eloise Raeder, V.P. of UVICA

Una Voce International Canada

North Vancouver BC V7H 1K4



Richard J. Seifert, Architect

Elk Grove, CA


Celia Alférez
Querétaro, México
Jorge Diaz

Aeronautic Engineer,

Catequism and Choir teacher


Daniel Muñoz
Querétaro, México
David Muñoz
Querétaro, México
Shane A. Knopp, Engineer


Mario Muñoz
Querétaro, México


August A. Anzelmo

Attorney at Law

Chicago Heights, IL


Dr. Earl E. Sprung

Mary Ellen Sprung, M.A.


Colin W. Gallagher

Senior Reactor Operator at

Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station in Lycoming, NY


Miss Elanor Hitchings

BA Liberal Arts.

Family Life International, Australia.


Mr. and Mrs. David Hickey
Alexandria, Virginia


Mr. Richard Martyres BA(hons.) MSc.

Mrs. Jennifer Martyres BSc.(hons.)

Latin Mass Society of England & Wales, Diocese of Brentwood


Timothy J. Benson, M.Phil. (Cantab)

Catholic Musician


Dr Steven M Crafton

Former Assoc Dean and Professor,

George Mason University School of Law


Dr Christine G Crafton


Jeffrey P. Latimer Family
23 Year Supporter of the SSPX


Thomas R. Brannon

Carolyn Brannon


James Michael Smith

Seminarian, Catholic Diocese of Bioxi, MS


Christopher Uhl

Music Director and Conductor

Musica Sacra Choir and Chamber Orchestra

Mobile, Alabama

Director of Music, Hoosac School

Hoosick, New York


James J. Schuh, MD

Westby, WI   USA


Howard R. Sutherland

Attorney, New York


Riley J. Romeo, Jr., Esq.

Attorney at Law

Charleston, WV  USA


Dr. & Mrs. Paul Skokanic


Jeanne Rardon

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


Antonio J. Macias, PhD

Finance Professor


Nick Gale MA (Oxon) HonFASC

Director of Music, Metropolitan Cathedral of St George, Southwark, London, UK &

Head of Academic Music, The London Oratory School, London, UK


Alexander Hoffmaister, Ph D, Economist

William A. Torchia, Esquire



Marie J.A. Perera

The World Bank

Talent Search & Partnerships Group

Washington, DC


Maria D. Ameal

Resource Management Analyst

Office of the Vice President, Africa Region (AFRVP)

Africa Communications


Carmencita B. Clay

Service Team Member

World Bank/IMF Staff Catholic Association


Pete, Violeta and Isaac Swicker

Jesus & Mary Roman Catholic Chapel (SSPX)

El Paso, Texas


Allen W. Thrasher, Ph.D.

Front Royal, VA


James McGregor

B.A.(Hons), LLB

Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales


James F. Fitzhenry

Author of El Cid, God's Own Champion


Doug Zeitz
Fremont, CA


Fernando S. F. Cardoso

Professional Musician and Teacher

Member of Montfort Cultural Association

Sao Paulo- Brazil


Kenneth Inchalik, M.D.

On behalf of the loyally Traditionalist Ecclesia Dei Society of New Zealand


Neil Coup

(Maximilian ENJ)

EDSNZ Chairman


Suzette M. Murphy


St. Michael's Academy

Carmichael, CA


Jack D. Elliott, Jr.

Historical Archaeologist

Mississippi Department of Archives and

History Drawer AR Mississippi State, MS


Thomas R. Hennick

Vice President

Global Wealth Management Group


Paul Vasilak

Engineer, Richmond New Hampshire


Edward J. Golightly

 Dr. Kathleen A. Golightly M.D.


Father P Tully

Durham, Uk


Fr. Tom Forde OFM Cap

 Chaplain; Ireland


Talat and Stefan Storkirk

Stockholm, Sweden


Annamaria Bereczky-Anderson, J.D.

Parishioner, St. Michael's Catholic Church (SSPX chapel), Carmichael, CA


Mr. Robin M. Taylor BScPh. PEBC,

Pro-Life Pharmacist

Catholic Pre-Marriage Instructor


Emilio Voli


Apax Partners LLP


Ademar R. Rakowsky, STL


L. Jean Dunegan, M.D., J.D., F.C.L.M.
Physician and Attorney
Brighton, MI  USA


David Cutolo
Apostle of Mary
Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts
Legion of Mary, President, Our Lady of Good Success Praesidium


Bill Mertka, MA, BSEE

Vice President, Product Management

Telecommunications Industry


David P. Lang, PhD (philosophy), PhD (mathematics)


Dr. Peter W. Frey

 Professor, Philadelphia PA


Grace D. MacKinnon

Catholic writer, columnist, speaker