Priests, Academics and Organization Heads

Defend Holy Father by Signing Second International Declaration in Support of Benedict XVI

We're so grateful to all those who have added their much needed support to the Second International Declaration in Support of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Every name collected will be appended to the Declaration and sent to the Holy Father. In addition, the following list of priests, academics and organization heads will be updated daily so that it will become immediately obvious that persons of significant influence in the Church are rallying in support of the Holy Father. Please spread the word, however, that we're looking to collect as many names of faithful Catholics as possible. Our Catholic brothers and sisters in France have already registered some 30,000 names on a similar initiative in support of the Holy Father.  God willing, Catholic Americans will not be outdone in this absolutely vital demonstration of fealty to our Sovereign Pontiff. If you have not already signed this International Declaration, please click here.



Msgr. Ignacio Barreiro Carámbula, S.T.D., J.D.

Director of the Rome Office of Human Life International


Fr Jean-Claude Selvini,

Parish Priest Our Lady of the Assumption, Hainault, Diocese of Brentwood (UK)


Fr. Christopher Basden

Pastor of St. Bede's London


Fr. Andrew Southwell

Chaplain to the Latin Mass Community, St. Bede's London


Fr Christopher Back BA (Dunelm:) MA (Oxon:)

Retired Priest Cambridge UK


Fr. Phil Wolfe FSSP

Chaplain, Kansas City KS


Rev. Gerard Deighan, MA, BD, LSS

Chaplain Dublin Latin Mass Chaplaincy


Father John Boyle, Priest, Archdiocese of Southwark, UK

C. Winslow, Full Professor, University of Copenhagen


Universitätsdozent Dr. Friedrich Romig

Political Economist, Austria


Dalia Micheleviciute, Actress of Lithuanian National Theater

Vilnius, Lithuania


Fr. Kazimierz Kubat SDS, MA, M.Ph., PhL

Pastor of St. Matthew Parish in Rocky Mountain House, AB Canada

Former professor of philosophy at the Salvatorian Institute of Philosophy and Theologyin Morogoro/ Tanzania


James Kalb, Esq.

Author and attorney


Nathan E. Collins, J.D., M.A.

Head of Library Public Services Ave Maria School of Law


Daniel P. Hayes, Ph.D., CHP

Rego Park, New York


John Scott Story, M.D.


Ellen Shannon Story, M.D.

Charlotte, North Carolina


Michael Polesny

Adjunct Professor of English, Queens College, CUNY


Dr. Peter W. Frey



Giedre Jankeviciute Ph. D.

Art Historian, Vilnius, Lithuania


Theresa Johnson

Assistant  Business Manager, Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter


Alan Hicks, M.A.

Principal, St. Mary, Star of the Sea


Rev. Fr. Anthony Chadwick

Priest, Traditional Anglican Communion (Patrimony of the Primate)


Father Jean Pierre Pilon

Chaplain, Saint Patrick's Academy

Islandeady, Castlebar, Co. Mayo Ireland


Joseph-Henri Fradet, Executive Director
Christendom Restoration Society and President, Catholic Telecom


Paul S. Quist, MDiv, STL candidate

Director, Office of Marriage and Life

The Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton


Stefano Costa, Ph.D. student
University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Rome, Italy


Fr. Bernard Danber, OSA
Chicago, Illinois


Fr Gregory Charnock

Priest, Archdiocese of Cape Town


Brian D. Pouliot, BA, BPh, MA (Cand)

Staff of Preserving Christian Publications, INC

The Latin Mass People


Barbara McGuigan

President of Voice of Virtue International

EWTN Radio Host of Open Line and The Good Fight


Joe Sparks
Curriculum Developer, Seton Home Study School
Front Royal, VA


Alexandra Bergmann PhD.

Visiting Assistant Professor

Macalester College, Saint Paul Minnesota


Ryan Coffey
Faculty, Land Policy
Michigan State University Extension


Martin Baumeister M.D.

Doctor, Frankfurt University, Germany


Luiz Antonio Pasquotto

Engineer and Lawyer



Charlotte A. Jones

Administrator, Our Lady of Victory School


Lawrence E. Permen, M.D.

Physician & Surgeon

Member of the Third Order (SSPX)

Veneta, Oregon


Mr. Stephen P. Schutte

Chairman, Latin Mass Committee

Sacred Heart Church, Cincinnati, OH.  USA


Thomas C. Coleman, Jr.

Defense Langague Institute


Timotej H. Neubauer

Political Scientist and Translator

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Carlos Martėnez Boschini



Carmine Gorga, Ph.D.
Director and Founder, The Somist Institute


Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman

Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.


Anton R. Casta, B.A, B.E.S, M.A
Director of Saint Max Media and Mission2 Films

Stuart Chessman

Society of St. Hugh of Cluny


Arata Nunobe



Davor Matijevic, B.Sc.Civ.Eng



Rita Davidson

Founder of Little Flowers Family Press & Apostolates


Michael A. Garcia, MA Education Administration

Principal, Princeton Elementary School, Princeton, CA

Matthew C. Sult, M.S.
Lieutenant Colonel
U.S. Army


Captain David Yuers

Member: Saint Joseph's Men Society


Fr. Joseph Dwight

Priest for the diocese of Perugia, Italy since August 1996.

(USA citizen and UCLA math graduate)


Keven Smith

President, Fresno Traditional Mass Society


Tom Henderson

Treasurer, Roman Forum


Denis Giannelli

The Fr. Fahey Institute, New York


Rev. Darrell Roman

Michigan - USA


Mrs. Annette Orsmond

 Grahamstown, South Africa


Patricia Soine

Port Alfred, South Africa


Max & Linda Elvins


Ronald J. Casey, Ed.D., Professor of Criminal Justice

Lead Criminal Justice Faculty, Cheyenne Campus College of Southern Nevada


Timothy E. Wichmer, Esq.


Saint Louis Catholic blog


Dr. Caroline Farey

Academic Assistant to the Director, Maryvale Institute

 Birmingham, England


Andrew Eells, BSP

Member of Pharmacists for Life, Int'l

Orthodox Christian