New Videos Exposes Planned Parenthood

Press Release
For those who do not know me, my name is Philip Johnson and I am the author of the blog In Caritate Non Ficta.  I also help Miss Lila Rose with her pro-life apostolate Live Action Films and serve as her Associate Editor for Live Action's quarterly publication The Advocate. This publication exposes the horrors of abortion and its effects on women, and thousands of copies are distributed on college campuses throughout the country.
On March 18, 2009, Live Action Films released the fourth of a series of videos exposing what really occurs inside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.  Over the past year, Miss Lila Rose (a Sophomore at UCLA) has gone undercover to appointments in Planned Parenthood facilities around the country, posing as a young teenage girl seeking an abortion.  Secretly taping these appointments, Miss Rose catches abortionists and their nurses willing to break laws, lie about her age, and refuse to report sexual abuse to the authorities.  Past video releases can be found on Live Action's website.  Miss Rose and her excellent work have been featured on many news and radio broadcasts, including The O'Reilly Factor on several occasions.
The new video is available on Live Action's website. It exposes Planned Parenthood covering up even more sexual abuse - this time in Arizona.  Any coverage you might wish to give in your blogs, or forwarding this message to other Catholic or pro-life bloggers, would be appreciated!
In Christ,
Philip Johnson