"Pope Is a Preacher of Death"

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Pope Puts Doctrine Ahead Of Lives

Rejection Of Condoms To Fight AIDS Appalling


March 22, 2009

Pope Benedict's recent trip to Africa — his first as pontiff — was a great opportunity for the Catholic Church to correct its stance against the use of condoms. Instead, the pope doubled down on the church's position, claiming the HIV/AIDS crisis "cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which can even increase the problem." The solution, he contends, is "spiritual and human awakening" and "friendship for those who suffer."

It would be funny, were it not so deadly serious.

Perhaps the pope doesn't know that 12 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are suffering with the disease. Perhaps he doesn't know that of all the people around the world who are infected, two-thirds of them are in Africa.

At least the pope didn't reiterate the ridiculous belief that condoms simply don't work. That is a rather unscientific conclusion, to say the least — so much for the compatibility of faith and reason. We can only hope he's given up on that notion.

In any case, the real problem with the church's position is not that it's shoddy science; it is that it's immoral. It means more people will get infected, fewer people will get treatment and more people will die.

Of course the church's policy on condoms is perfectly consistent with its denigration of the body and general fear of sexuality. But its more abhorrent motive has to do with the church's dwindling numbers around the world and its need to bring new members into the flock. Instead of praying for those in need, the church is preying on them.

It would be nice if the recent outrage directed at Connecticut state Rep. Michael P. Lawlor and state Sen. Andrew McDonald and their call for transparency in parish finances were matched by an equal or greater outrage at the pope's disregard (if not contempt) for the people of Africa. It would seem we have come to expect so little from our religious leaders.

When the pope goes to Africa and tells people that using condoms is wrong, he is not a preacher of love; he is a preacher of death.


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The article concerning the Pope and the use of condoms in any Country, is a prime example of more anti-Catholic rant. The statements or rather assumptions made in this article show just how ignorant so many are when it comes to Catholicism. They actually think that the Church is just another aggravating religious organization among many with absolutely no comprehension that it is THE Church established by Jesus Christ. How can the Aids epidemic be stopped? It is the result of sexual promiscuity and spread about by indivduals who care for no one but themselves being interested in satisfying their bodily cravings. Does this sound prudish? Probably does to those who have become blind and deaf to reasoning. Even the animal world is more sensible than human beings these days, since it is well known that animals copulate only in order to produce offspring. Think about that!





If there are 12,000,000 people, as you say,  who have AIDS and we have been distributing condoms for years in Africa, then they must not be working!  The expert from Harvard who agrees with the Pope must be on to something when he says that condoms only make the problem worse!!!

S. Knopp


Steven Michels reveals an ignorance that is breathtaking.  He has everything, but everything, the wrong way round. It is the promotion of condoms that is causing the spiralling (out of control) AIDS statistics.   In every place on this earth, including Africa, where condoms are widely and freely distributed, the incidence of HIV/AIDS soars.


It is the illusion of action (against the disease) that is causing the deaths, not the Pope’s exhortations to chastity and purity. 


No Catholic who obeys the Church’s teaching on sexual morality will ever need to be tested for HIV/AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease.


Condoms do not work.  When will the likes of Steven Michels get that fact into their (rude adjective) heads?  


Patricia McKeever


Catholic Truth



Lets take a vote:
Anyone who promotes the use of condoms, are you willing to have "protected sex" with an HIV infected individual?
For anyone who voted YES: Go get your head examined

For anyone who Voted NO: Listen to what our Holy Father said, you may learn something.

Sam Jordan



I hate to break it to you, Mr. Post, but obviously these folks aren't wearing their condoms, so it's moot to assert that dropping raining condoms down from liberal American heaven out of helicopters is going to solve the problem. Even Harvard-yes, Harvard the University, supports the Pope with objective stats on this, Mr. Post-man. Study the stats, Mr. Post-man. Even you might have a meager pocket of room left for true enlightenment in that thoroughly brainwashed, indoctrinated, secularist skull of yours.

Jennifer Leeper

Middle of America, Planet Earth

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