SSPX Bishop to be Charged?

Rough Translation of Story on SVT Website
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Source: Swedish television

The Swedish state television, SVT, will tomorrow run a "documentary" on the SSPX apostolate in Sweden.
On the SVT website we can read today (one day before the actual documentary):

English version:

"Reactions in Germany-even before the broadcast!

Published january 20 2009 - 12:00
Updated January 20 2009 - 15:49

Ali Fegan interviews Bishop Richard Williamson

This week's story in "Uppdrag Granskning" ( Research Mission )about the Catholic priestly fraternity SSPX is already provoking debate in Germany. The influential Jewish Central Agency is filing police charges against the bishop of the Society, Richard Williamson, due to remarks he had in an interview with Uppdrag Granskning's reporter Ali Fegan.

The Bishop is denying the Holocaust during WWII and believes the German people has been fooled. The interview will be broadcasted on SVT 1, Wednesday 8pm and on SVT Play (Internet)

According to German law, it is illegal to deny or question details about the Holocaust. The Bishop risks prosecution and prison after the interview, which was conducted in Germany in November 2008.

The respected German weekly Der Spiegel (The Mirror) discusses in this week's issue which effects the comments will have and which impact they will have on the Pope's coming visit to Israel.

Uppdrag Granskning's reporter Ali Fegan unmasks in Wednesday's documentary  a Society of Right-Wing Extremists and Holocaust deniers. The Society is considered so conservative and extreme that the Catholic Church has distanced itself fom the group and does not allow them to say Masses in Catholic Churches - which in stead the Swedish Lutheran Church has permitted.

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