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From WikiLeaks to WikiFreaks

A Remnant Alert December 18, 2010

(www.RemnantNewspaper.comIn the 2007 action thriller Live Free or Die Hard, fourth in the series of vulgar but popular films beginning with Die Hard, the premise is that a group of cyber-terrorists are conducting a “fire sale,” cyber-hacker-slang for a total takedown of the cyber-infrastructure of the nation; in other words, electronic warfare.

The WikiLeaks affair has now brought about what appears to be a credible threat of such a campaign being initiated. Earlier this month, a hacker coalition known as “Anonymous” “launched a slew of cyber assaults against what it perceives to be enemies of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, including a DDoS attack on PayPal, which recently stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks in the wake of the release of U.S. embassy cables,” according to a Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7th) post on finance blog Zero Hedge.

And as the post correctly points out, “if there is one thing worse than a (now arrested) Australian [WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange] with a lot of deep throat sources, it is the global hacker community which has just made the international banking system its number one enemy.”

The international banking system might be said to be society-in-general’s “Public Enemy Number One,” but up to this point the regulators and governmental entities sworn to protect society from them have shown little enthusiasm for doing so. The clarion call “Stop the Looting and Start Prosecuting” has not been heeded by those employed to be the thieves’ adversaries. Perhaps they had best step up to the plate before the hackers start swinging, because a collapse of the electronic infrastructure would cause serious problems if not outright chaos.

One must ask oneself if all this is not some sort of “setup” to make possible much greater regulation of the internet, which is now one of the few reliable sources of truthful news outside of struggling traditional publications such as The Remnant. It now goes nearly without saying that all mainstream media publications and other outlets are seriously compromised if not outright dishonest, so the internet presents an ever-greater threat to those who by any means necessary wish to prevent transparency in information.

Whatever the case, however, a cyber-attack could have serious consequences for those who are unprepared for any sort of societal disruption. It behooves the prudent to prepare for a period of at least a week without essential services, and additional preparations would be neither out of order nor excessive.

The hacker threat seems tailor-made for those who would place greater and greater restrictions on freedom of information, freedom of movement, freedom of expression… freedom in general; freedom, once the defining characteristic of the West, now in the eyes of the financio-political oligarchs and their minions a quaint relic unsuited for “dangerous” times.

Who is actually behind the WikiLeaks data dump? Who is behind this apparent “cyber-terrorist” threat? Important questions needing answers; but whose answers can be trusted: government agencies contesting to see which can become the Grinch That Stole Christmas and Everything Else; the fearless mainstream press that kow-tows to the financial community and their thievery? One doubts their good intentions nearly as much as one doubts their competence and honesty.

The hacker threat is real, as is the threat to undersea communications cables, a vitally important strategic resource far more in need of attention than grannies at the airport. Curiously, the “terrorists” who want to place a bomb in every Christmas stocking seem to have overlooked the easily attacked communications cables and have yet to launch an all-out attack in cyberspace.

It may soon be difficult to tell terrorists from freedom fighters unless some degree of honesty and transparency is restored to government. Meanwhile, the vulnerability of societies’ infrastructures grows greater by the day.

The “Fire Sale”—when “everything goes”—may not be long in coming.

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