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Osama Bin Laden

We Got Him, Alright.  But At What Cost?

Matt Werner POSTED: 5/5/11

( Let us not exult over the assassination of Osama bin Laden.  I will herein give some reasons why we shouldn’t and I will encourage everyone to show him the Mercy that Jesus and Mary would want us to show him.

The first reason is Mercy.  Let us remember that Catholic tradition has the Blessed Virgin eagerly seeking the whereabouts of the Deicide, the Iscariot, on Holy Saturday to offer him Her Motherly Mercy and to call him to repentance—before she had learned that he had hung himself.   Our Savior calls upon us to seek His Mercy.  He does not ask us to dispense the justice that He reserves for Himself.

Bin Laden was not the Head of State nor was he leading an army invading our homes.  Satan is the head of such an army, but Bin Laden was in a legal sense only a private citizen and merely the charismatic leader of a group of anti-Christian and anti-American heretical Mohammedans.  If you have ever lived abroad for a time you will understand why many foreigners do detest the “Great Satan.”

Let’s speak first of the pornographic garbage that we export to the minds and hearts of the lands of the world.  This is reason enough for many to hate America.  In movies, on television, in print and on the internet our citizens broadcast to the world the celebratory defiance of the sixth commandment—and this is the one sending most souls to hell (Fatima).

I can understand why many Mohammedans (Muslims is only a recent rephrasing of what for centuries all English speakers called followers of Mohammed) hate our culture.  We defend and extol vice.  At every level of government—local, state and national—we defend the rights of Americans to sin gravely against God’s laws, and we punish and stigmatize the minority who disapprove.

Next, where do we Americans think we derive the authority to send our armed forces to every corner of the globe at every whim of ours—often to promote a democratic ideal that has within our own borders proven to be a colossal moral failure?  There were many great benefits when the West was governed by the Catholic monarchs, and so do the Muslims also recognize some benefits from the state enforced strict observance of the morality God decreed in His Commandments.

Yes, Islam is a heresy, but to their credit they do recognize the virtue of purity.  Jesus did preach virtue to both the Jews and to the heathen gentiles, and it is the latter who more readily heard and accepted His Word and thereafter conformed their lives towards virtuous conduct.

In my view every one of our foreign military adventures in the last fifty years has been wrong headed.  Perhaps the worst example was our bombing of the Orthodox Serbs in the Balkans in the 1990s when we employed our military forces to defend the Muslims who had been invading and occupying “Catholic” lands since even before the fall of Constantinople in 1453.  But also in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere we are off on fools’ errands.  Allow me to predict that this latest adventure into Pakistan will raise the ire of Muslims throughout the world and will provoke a response that will lead to an increase of strife and violent repercussions that Americans will suffer.

Finally, Bin Laden did not receive a fair trial.  I speak as a lawyer.  We have heard about him and read about him.  But have we heard the truth?  I don’t know.  He was not riding a steed carrying a standard at the forefront of an army galloping towards our villages.  Satan does that.  Bin Laden was living in a compound half way round the world.  Normal international justice would have urged an arrest and a trial at the most.

Do we think we have the moral and legal authority to send our armies to kill any person on the globe who hates America?  Many think they have good reason to hate us.  And many Americans have good reasons to hate our culture, and rightly lament our country’s moral decline —especially the traditional Catholics who have always received persecution from the Protestant majority.

The Blessed Virgin Mary would have us praying for Bin Laden’s soul.  And she would scold us sharply for exulting upon his execution for the foregoing reasons. 

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