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Third Secret Breakthrough

Inside the Vatican Reveals: Papal Nuncio to US

 Endorsed Chris Ferrara’s Book The Secret Still Hidden

Press Release POSTED: 8/16/11
The Remnant  

( The latest edition of Inside the Vatican  contains a bombshell revelation by Editor-in-Chief Robert Moynihan regarding the continuing controversy over the completeness of the Vatican’s disclosure of the Third Secret, which has been “managed” by the Vatican Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, since 2000.

In an article entitled “Passing of a Friend” (p. 4), Moynihan provides a tribute to Archbishop Pietro Sambi, who served as papal nuncio to the United States until his death in July. Moynihan relates “four memories in particular [he] has of [Archbishop Sambi],”  the second of which is as follows:

We were discussing the Third Secret of Fatima, the allegations that the Vatican has not published the entire text of the Third Secret as revealed to Sister Lucia, and the response of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican secretary of state, in a book where Bertone states that there is nothing more to be revealed. Sambi said, “Excuse me.” He got up, went out of the room, and came back with a book. “Here,” he said. “Do you know this book? You should read it.” It was Christopher Ferrara's The Secret Still Hidden


“Wait,” I said. “You are the Pope's representative in the US, and you are urging me to read a book that questions what the secretary of state wrote?” Sambi replied, “All I am saying is that there are interesting things worth reading in this book. And in the end, we are all after the truth, aren't we? The truth is the important thing...”

Reached for comment, author Ferrara told The Remnant: “I rejoice at the news that such a high-ranking Vatican official had the openness of mind to study the evidence which drove me to write the book in order to present the evidence systematically.  And I mightily resisted the conclusion that there is a missing companion text of the Secret, which would explain the otherwise ambiguous and endlessly debated vision of the ‘Bishop dressed in white’.  Who wants to be accused of being a ‘conspiracy nut’ by the comfortable defenders of the post-conciliar status quo? But, as Antonio Socci has put it regarding his own journey in this matter: ‘In the end I had to surrender’ to what the evidence shows. And what it shows, as Socci also concluded, is that “it is certain” that the missing text exists.  Socci and I, like the late Archbishop Sambi, are interested in the truth, not the avoidance of offense to certain prestigious personages.”

Ferrara added: “And God bless Robert Moynihan for having the courage to publish this important revelation.  He had nothing to gain, humanly speaking, from doing this.  All praise to him!  This is but another crack in the dam of denial that has been weakening steadily over the past seven years, culminating in the Pope’s complete rejection in May of 2010 of the Secretary of State’s party line that the Third Secret ‘belongs to the past.’  No, said the Pope, it pertains to ‘future realities of the Church’—a clear indication that there is something more.  Then there was the Fatima conference in Rome this May, attended by Andrea Tornielli and Paolo Rodari as speakers, along with me and others, and Cardinal Renato Martino, the retired Vatican diplomat.  The whole landscape is changing, and we can hope this change is a prelude to the full revelation of the Secret, the Consecration of Russia, and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.”

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