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Our Catholic Faith—our Catholic Traditions—are under constant attack and from every direction today.  The Remnant, a Catholic newspaper located here in the Twin Cities, has helped the AOTM acquire tickets for a very inspiring Catholic Pilgrimage in France which is helping to hold back that tide of anti-Catholicism.  Join thousands of your fellow Catholic soldiers of Christ from America, all over Europe, Australia, England and Canada on one of the oldest spiritual campaigns in the history of Christendom—the grand three-day walking pilgrimage which follows the ancient route from Paris (Notre Dame Cathedral) to the magnificent Gothic Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres in France. (That's 70 miles).


Spend three days and two nights walking in the footsteps of St. Joan of Arc, St. Therese, St. John Vianney, St. Louis IX and so many Catholic heroes of history on this first leg of the famous Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage. Rally with the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, the Bishop of Chartres, 300 Catholic priests and 15,000 Catholics before the holy of holies that is the Cathedral of Chartres (which houses many relics including the actual veil of Our Lady).


After the pilgrimage, enjoy a guided Tour through central France where you’ll have daily Mass, great sightseeing, hiking in the Alps,  wonderful meals and time to spend with our victorious brothers and sisters like St. John Vianney, St. Bernadette, St. Vincent de Paul, and St. Catherine.   You will not only get to venerate the incorrupt bodies of some of the greatest saints in history but you’ll also see parts of France about which most of us only dream as you journey to the top of the French Alps to the Basilica of Notre-Dame de La Salette where Our Lady appeared to warn the world of the coming apostasy, Notre-Dame du Laus (also in the French Alps), Lyon, the city of Ars and so much more.


The AOTM fights for the Truths of our Faith—the Truths of our Traditions—and that is why we believe this pilgrimage is one well worth offering to the men of the AOTM.   We are raffling off one ticket for the Chartres Pilgrimage.  Each raffle ticket is $10 and we will draw the winner at the end of the March AOTM.  


The dates of the event are June 8 thru June 20, and the winner of our raffle will have an all-expenses paid journey of a lifetime. To purchase your raffle ticket we have made several options available:


1) You can send a check (made payable to "Church of the Holy Trinity"), money order or cash to the following address (don’t forget to provide your name and contact info):


The Argument of the Month

PO Box 1117 Forest Lake, MN 55025


2) You can purchase your raffle ticket right away through PayPal by clicking the button below:


3) And, finally, you can purchase your raffle ticket in person at the next AOTM on February 8.


Remember, this raffle is exclusively for the men of the Argument of the Month. All proceeds go directly to the AOTM. To view an exciting PBS documentary on the Pilgrimage to Chartres, please click  here.