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Why So Much Hate from the Left?
Michael J. Matt POSTED:1/12/13
Editor, The Remnant  


( Bronwyn Lundberg's sensationalist 'The Last Supper' is getting some airtime with the liberal Left this week because it includes the likenesses of Ellen DeGeneres (as Christ), that loudmouth ex-Catholic with the weight problem, and a few lesser known gay icons as part of its heavy-handed attempt to be provocative.

In other words, Bronwyn Lundberg is spoofing Christian art again.  And who is Bronwyn Lundberg?  Exactly!

So now I suppose we’re to be deeply offended, perhaps even demand an apology from something called Bronwyn Lundberg.  I think not.  Besides, if it weren’t for Facebook nobody would even know where to send their complaints.  

Bronwyn is hardly a formidable adversary, though admittedly these dime-a-dozen “artists” with their cries for help should probably be referred to a good mental health therapist.  Obviously, some sort of emotional imbalance is at work here.  Healthy people without anger management issues don’t typically run around insulting other people’s religions.

Or maybe poor Bronwyn is just trying to sell her stuff by being intentionally offensive.  But that’s sad, too.  Who behaves that way? Does Bronwyn pick her dried nasal mucus in public, as well?  Why should we be offended by someone so obviously ill-bred?

Bronwyn’s only chance of becoming something in the art world evidently rests on her ability to rip off Andres Serrano, bring little old ladies to tears, and tick off Bill Donahue.  We should feel sorry for her, I suppose, since one day she too might actually grow up.

The real story here is that the media would still bother with such “artists” and their been there, done that finger-painting. That’s the takeaway, I suppose, and it’s interesting even if Bronwyn and her angry doodling is not. 

We hear so much these days about how hateful the so-called “Christian right” is, how dangerous we all are, how intolerant. And yet every time we turn around some other attention-seeking college dropout is kicking off a publicity stunt designed to insult everything Christians hold sacred. Doesn’t that get old after a while?  And where are the calls for greater sensitivity from the paragons of tolerance in the media? 

Am I personally offended?  Not in the least!, no more so than I would be by some bleary-eyed crack head calling me names from a dumpster. One considers the source, and moves on.  But still, it must be conceded that Mr. Crackhead—not the folks he’s screaming at—does represent something of a threat to the peace and common good.  Christians are not the problem; the dumpster-diving Leftists who are constantly haranguing them are. And yet the media can’t seem to get enough liberal hatemongering.

Ironically (given all the media talk about Christian “hate”), even despite this incessant mockery and blasphemy Christians are the one group that can be counted on not to retaliate.  Bronwyn knows she has nothing to fear. There will be no bomb threats; she needs no bodyguards. Christians don’t return hate for hate; they turn the other cheek.  

We tend not to get too worked up by folks hating us and shouting ugly blasphemies in our direction. It sort of comes with the territory. Paradoxically, in fact, if  they ever do stop persecuting us it will mean we have stopped being Christian.  Our Church rests on the bones of our mocked and martyred forefathers. A symbol of ghastly execution—the Cross—is our most sacred symbol. The Founder of our Church was accused of sedition, condemned to death, and executed. The heroes of our Faith were slaughtered as entertainment for the mindless mobs of history.

And now they’re at it again. But we don't threaten retaliation. We are not haters. For us,  the Left’s hateful need to blaspheme Christ and mock Christians only further authenticates Christianity.  True followers of Christ will always be mocked and persecuted.  And to the extent that we are mocked and persecuted today, we too fall happily in with the true followers of Christ.  Persecution is affirmation that we’re on the road that leads to Calvary.  They hate us because they hate Him because He really exists—and they know it.

So hate on, liberals and leftists! Your Christophobia only reaffirms that Christ really walked this earth, that He died, raised Himself from the dead and founded a Church—our Church.  And though you may scream and hiss at Him still even after all of these centuries, your hate—your blasphemy, your mockery—only proves that you too know Who He is.  

Well played Bronwyn Lundberg, whatever you are.  Your “art” substantiates our case and strengthens our resolve.  This country does indeed have a serious problem with hate groups—and it comes from the liberal Left. Carry on!

My God: I believe, I adore, I trust and I love you.  I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love you.

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