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Remnant Press Release POSTED: 1/13/12

Dear Remnant Readers:
As you know, Bishop Ochoa has been transferred to Fresno, CA. That leaves faithful Catholics in El Paso with mixed feelings: great joy and relief, sorrow and compassion for the Catholics in Fresno, and a certain level of concern as to who their next bishop will be. Over 150 Catholics gathered on the First Saturday at the chancery to pray a rosary asking our Lord and Lady to send them a holy bishop (and to the neighboring diocese of Las Cruces). Many more are praying continuous novenas. A group has even drafted a letter to send to our Holy Father. That letter was already sent last week with nearly 200 signatures. They continue to gather more signatures and hope that soon there will have more than 1000. While we know this is primarily a spiritual battle, and our main weapons are prayer and penance, we also want to do what we can at the natural level to let our hierarchy know our spiritual needs. Canon 214 reminds us that the faithful have the right, and at times the duty, to inform their pastors of their spiritual needs. Anyone interested in joining the petition could email their name and address to [email protected] stating that they wish to sign the petition to the Holy Father.


To His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, Vicar of Christ,

To His Eminence, Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops,

To His Excellency, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States,

As faithful Catholics in the Dioceses of El Paso and Las Cruces, we humbly submit this petition outlining our concerns for the selection of our next bishops. Under Bishops Raymundo Peña (1980-1994) and Armando Ochoa (1996-2011), Catholicism in El Paso, Texas (U.S.A.) has suffered greatly due to the power structure being firmly in the grip of the modernist-liberal block. The same holds true for the neighboring Diocese of Las Cruces, New Mexico (U.S.A.) under Bishop Ricardo Ramírez (1982-2011). The See of El Paso is now vacant, and Bishop Ramírez has already submitted his resignation (he turned 75 on Sept. 12, 2011).

Because the Law of the Church states that the faithful have “the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church” (Can 212.3), it is our duty to say the truth for the good of Holy Mother Church and the salvation of souls. The truth is that these three Bishops have been responsible for vast spiritual damage which has wrecked the faith in our desert southwest for the past thirty years. We ask you to investigate and intervene on our behalf. We, the faithful of El Paso and Las Cruces, have a desperate need for HOLY and ORTHODOX Bishops. We are not so concerned about the age, ethnicity (whether Hispanic or not), education, or “experience” of our future Bishops. We ask especially that the two be HOLY, ORTHODOX, and supportive of the "Usus Antiquior" of the Roman Rite. We plead with you to consider the following criteria in determining who will be appointed as the next shepherds and spiritual fathers of our neighboring sister dioceses.

1. Catholic Doctrine and Morals

A Bishop who will be absolutely faithful to Catholic Doctrine and the Moral Teachings of the Catholic Church, especially in the area of human sexuality.

2. Catholic Liturgy

A Bishop who will end liturgical abuses and bring reverence and beauty back into the Liturgy and sacraments.

3. The Traditional Latin Mass

A Bishop who will be fully supportive of the Roman Missal of 1962, and will work to bring the “Mass of the Ages” to all the parishes.

4. The Priesthood

A Bishop who will work to rid the priesthood of homosexuals, and promote true holiness among the presbyterate.

5. Marriage and the Family

A Bishop who will work to restore large Catholic families, support home-schooling families, and preach against divorce, contraception, abortion, and homosexuality.

6. Catholic Education and Catechesis

A Bishop who will eliminate the heretical Tepeyac Institute and replace it with one that is Catholic and orthodox. A Bishop who will restore orthodoxy to parish formation programs and Catholic Schools, especially Cathedral and Loretto High Schools in El Paso.

7. Fight against the World

A Bishop who will lead us in the fight against secular and political forces that are destroying Christianity. A Bishop who will excommunicate "Catholic” politicians who are betraying the faith and causing grave public scandal.


It is our humble and most ardent request, your Holiness, Eminence and Excellency, that you assign to the Dioceses of El Paso and of Las Cruces holy and courageous bishops who will promote and defend the Catholic Faith, shepherding their flocks in charity and truth.

Ruben and Kathy Hermosillo (Diocese of El Paso)
Thomas and Joan Check (Diocese of Las Cruces)
Mark Payan (Diocese of El Paso)
J. Antonio & Diocelina Díaz (Diocese of El Paso)
Donald and Estela Wells (Diocese of Las Cruces)
Michelle Madrid (Diocese of El Paso)
Aguedo & Jennylin Caranto Family (Diocese of El Paso)
Dan & Breanna Ullmann Family (Diocese of Las Cruces)
Richard & Geri Hnat Family (Diocese of El Paso)

enclosed: Signatures in support of petition, to be re-sent with an ever
increasing number of signatures

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