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Militantly Christophobic Play Moves from France to Italy

Press Release POSTED: 1/17/12
by Maurizio d'Orlando   

From the 24th to the 28th of January at the Parenti Theatre in Milan there is scheduled the exhibition “On the Concept of the Face of the Son of God” by R. Castelluci, in which stones and excrement will be thrown at an image of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am sending as follows, therefore, some reference links to the campaign launched by Professor de Mattei, Vice President of CNR (the Italian Scientific Research State Institute), against this  Christophobia and most grave desecration:

1.    The video on YouTube by Prof. de Mattei.

2.    The site of the Committee of Saint Charles Borromeo, Basta Cristianofobia (Enough Christophobia).

3.    A brief film clip on what has already happened in France and on how this repugnant and hateful spectacle has been opposed.

Insult is not liberty of expression, much less insult to God, blasphemy. Therefore, I feel compelled to become involved and to make an appeal to oppose this spectacle.

I ask, therefore, that everyone join this campaign to oppose the hatred of Christ and obviously of Christians. In this case, in fact, it is not enough to ignore the affair, as could be opportune in certain other cases. It is necessary, instead, to react and block the initiative, not only because it involves a public blasphemy, but also for the following reasons:

1.  It constitutes  a dangerous precedent from which can be deduced the permissibility of deriding Christianity and Christians—surely a prelude to subsequent persecution;

2.   It involves a veritable manifestation of Satan, the deconsecration of the land, an efficacious satanic liturgical act, similar and contrary to the Christian baptism, almost two thousand years ago, by the edicts of Constantine in 313 A.D. and of those following by Theodosius, who died precisely at Milan, and who, under the inspiration of Saint Ambrose, was the first true Christian emperor.

The one who has carried forward and supported this desecrating spectacle is not some second-rate or superficial laicist. In fact, the sacrilege-spectacle previously took place at Avignon (seat of the temporal power of the Pope in France), at Paris, (capital of the King of France and city in which Louis IX, Saint Louis of France, built the Holy Chapel to contain the relic of the Crown of Christ), and at Rennes (seat of an ancient parlement of the King of France with the function of confirming the legality of the King’s decrees).  The reason is that France was definitively the eldest daughter of the Church, and thus it was there that one had to commence the ceremony of desecration, although Castellucci, the author of the text, is Italian. 

Now the public blasphemy is scheduled for Milan, where in Il Duomo there has always been conserved the Reliquary of the Holy Nail from the Cross of Christ. (The Holy Nails, discovered in the course of the excavations of Golgotha by Saint Helen, mother of the Emperor Constantine, were given to the Emperor Theodosius when Milan was capital of the Empire.)

The one who is behind this is not, therefore, a naïf, but on the contrary someone who knows history well, the founding principles of a society and of a civil power, and who is animated by a profound hatred for the Faith and Christendom as a historical and material reality. What is in fact disturbing about Christianity is precisely its historicity and materiality (concerning the Holy Nails not only are there hints in the works of Saint Ambrose and in the documents of Theodosius, but also references in the ancient histories of that epoch, those of Ruffino, Teodoreto, Paolino of Aquila, Niceforo Callisto, Socrates, Sozomeno) to those who affirm a religiosity without a face, like that of Islam or Judaism and Freemasonry. 

We live in a time of lawlessness, not only in Italy, but in the whole world, and for many reasons.

The spectacle-blasphemy scheduled for the Parenti Theatre is not only an offense and derision of that which is most sacred for Christians, but a repudiation of the concept of legitimacy that emanates from a superior Authority, Christ the King of the Universe. The first Christians,  after Claudius who had protected them, identified the Antichrist with the Roman pagan emperor. The definitive rupture with the epoch of Constantine and Theodosius is therefore the preliminary to the coming of the epoch of the Antichrist, that is, to a pagan and anti-Christian civil power that, like the ancient Roman emperors, will point to himself as a divinity (and already in our times one speaks of the “sacredness” of laws emanating from Parliament!). It is therefore also the preannouncement of the persecution of Christians, even in Italy.

Thus today we must respond immediately. Please circulate this appeal in a public form as we need to internationalize the issue. Also please arrange for common rosaries prayers if possible.

Finally we are preparing the English text of e-mail or letters to be sent to the Parenti Theatre, to Cardinal Scola, and to the Mayor of Milan Pisapia.

With fond regards,

In Christo Rege per Mariam Reginam

Maurizio d'Orlando 

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