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The Southern Impoverished Law Center Strikes Again

Father John Echert POSTED: 5/3/12
Taken from "Pastor Corner" of Holy Trinity Bulletin, So. St. Paul  

Congratulation to the Parents Action League of Minnesota, which was just named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group! I say “congratulations” because this so-called law center is itself impoverished and guilty of hate: impoverished of common decency and guilty of hatred for the true good.

The Parents Action League is added to a list of other “hate groups” which includes the Ku Klos Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Like the Father of Lies, they use the strategy of mixing together good and evil to produce their cocktail of poison. The president of the Parents Action League shares my sentiment as to its inclusion on the hate list. As he wrote, "It is a privilege to be added to the long list of pro-family organizations that have been labeled as 'hate groups.’ The SPLC continues their strategy of defaming and name calling toward those whom they disagree with."

What is the Parents Action League of Minnesota? It is an organization of concerned parents and others who formed in 2010 in defense of the Anoka-Hennepin school district's contested policy on sexual orientation, which required teachers to stay neutral on any GLBT (Gay, Lesbian Bisexual, Transgender) related discussion in schools. A principal concern of the group has been to protect the students—i.e. their children—from teachers who might affirm homosexuality as normal and healthy. Their concern is legitimate, commendable and certainly warranted.

Already the entire state of California requires that in every public school, spanning from kindergarten through high school seniors, textbooks and classroom lectures must explicitly include notable homosexuals—as homosexuals—who have made contributions to society, especially related to particular disciplines—e.g. social studies, science, art, etc. Does a similar policy exist anywhere for Catholics or Protestants who have made contributions to this nation? Of course not, but this policy is a consequence of a militant movement of homosexuals and their supporters who are forcing widespread social acceptance of their sexually perverted manner of life.

“The point of the hate label given to groups is exposure,” claims the president of the impoverished law center." “We're not the government," she said. "We can't shut anyone down, but we feel it's very important for these groups to be called out so the public is aware of what they are doing."

Well, my point in writing this article is exposure: exposing organizations and individuals who hate godly values, natural law and common sense. Their number is legion and they need to have their accusing finger which now points at others— pro-life, pro-family, pro-values—turned back upon themselves.

We Christians are not allowed to hate anyone, even our enemies, but we are required to hate that which is evil. We hate the sin but love the sinner, as is often said. But loving the sinner does not allow that we affirm sinners in their sinful behavior; quite the opposite, for the serious sinner is on the path to eternal destruction and is unhappy even now.

I plan to send this Pastor Corner to the Southern Poverty Law Center. I doubt it will convert them but perhaps they will add Holy Trinity Parish—or at least the Pastor—to their hate list. Given their agenda of hatred for the good, I would regard that inclusion an honor.

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