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Chris Jackson POSTED: August 2012

Birds of a Feather:

Neo-Catholics and Leftist Loons


Watch Video Despite the appalling and erroneous conclusions this priest draws, his reasoning is actually quite clever. The priest manages to use the very premises of Neo-Catholic theology against the Neo-Catholics as a basis for opposing a state amendment banning civilly recognized same-sex 'marriage'. 


According to Fr. Ratzinger in the 1960's, whom the priest quotes directly, obeying one's conscience is above obeying ecclesiastical authority (where was this view re: ABL in 1988?).


In addiiton, our radical little priest tells us that the Church should not be concerned with "civil marriage" as the Church does not recognize "civil marriages." To the Church, nobody is married except those who enter into sacramental marriage. Thus, in effect, he appeals to the separation of Church and state, which Neo-Catholics like George Weigel praise on a daily basis. It is the classic Neo-Catholic argument: let the state govern its realm without interference from religion and let religions do their thing without interference from the state. If the state wants to define marriage as between same sex couples that is no business of the Church as it is not their "realm".


This priest also brings up a good point against the Neo-Catholics regarding Catholic social services. If these services take the money of a secular Federal state are they not obligated to follow the secular Federal requirements attached to that money, including participating in gay adoptions, etc? Can these tax exempt Catholic services "breach" the separation of Church and state by accepting Federal dollars and then not abide by the government's rules regarding use of the money?


I would be very curious to see how Neo-Catholics would respond to this priest, since he arrives at his liberal conclusions by following their very same premises. This is a perfect example of how Neo-Catholicism and liberalism are really two sides of the same coin. Two world-views fashioned from the same premise--the radical spirit of Vatican II.


Catholic Bishops of Zambia:

'Constitution Should Not Identify Zambia as Christian Nation'

Can you imagine the Emperor Constantine announcing to the world that he wanted to make Christianity the official religion of Rome, only to have Catholic bishops telling him, "Absolutely not! Keep Rome secular. It is good enough that we and the pagans are able to practice our religions freely. If you do this, it will offend them."

Well, that's exactly what has happened. The Catholic bishops of Zambia are opposing a plan to identify the African country as "a Christian nation" in the preamble to a new proposed constitution.

This is an immoral act, in our opinion. An evil. For Catholic bishops to have the opportunity to support a nation that wants to call itself Christian, and yet to oppose that measure? This is shameful!

Catholic bishops evidently prefer a secular state to even a "Christian" one. Christ has no place in the public square and nations have no obligation to recognize Him. Our shepherds are actively working for the de-Christianization of nations and the dethronement of Christ the King.  More "fruits", on supposes, of Dignitatis Humanae.

The Church in her human element has truly entered the twilight zone. Read the full sorry story here....MORE>>> 

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