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They Can't Be Serious!

Boycott the CCHD this Weekend

Michael J. Matt POSTED: 11/16/12
Editor, The Remnant  

So, it’s that time of year again, when the Conference of Catholic Bishops' Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) will come calling on all Catholics for more money.  Our Bishops are going to be asking us to pony up this Sunday, in fact.


What a good idea!  I wonder if Bernie Madoff could use some, too…

You just couldn't make this stuff up!  This just in from the Reform the CCHD Now website: 

For the past three years, Reform CCHD Now (RCN) has investigated organizations receiving funds from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Throughout this investigation, RCN has witnessed a rising trend in granting money to organizations that support abortion, birth control, homosexuality, and/or Marxism either directly or through coalitions. Despite repeated claims by CCHD representatives that CCHD does not fund such groups, the report this year indicates that 37% of the organizations receiving CCHD funds are in violation of CCHD guidelines. In this year's report, RCN found that $2.8 million of the total $7.6 million (38%) in CCHD grants went to organizations undermining the Church's efforts to protect human life and dignity.

Meanwhile, faithful Catholics who dare request the Traditional Latin Mass in their various dioceses inevitably get a lot of this sort of thing from their shepherds:  Well, how about we have that little Extraordinary Form on the 14th day of every month in which there's a blue moon. And there's that nice chapel, right down there by the red-light district, that would work just fine. That okay?

Are some good bishops upset by this latest scandal involving the CCHD?  Of course! But collegiality keeps them pretty quiet about it, which is sad since millions of dollars will be collected in its name the day after tomorrow.

Well, enough’s enough!  Catholics who still believe it necessary to raise their children in the old Faith spend half their time trying to get the government off their backs and the rest trying to get the American bishops to leave them alone.  The latest thing here  in St. Paul is a requirement that home school parents must bring their little ones to local faith-formation classes in order to be allowed to receive Penance and First Holy Communion. Do our Bishops not realize that one of the reasons we home school in the first place is to spare our children these "faith formation" classes—often referred to as “faith deformation” classes?   

Tens of thousands of Catholic parents in America are staying away from parochial schools for good reason. They don't want heterodox catechists having access to their kids. They don't want watered-down faith-formation programs. They don't want Theology of the Body, classroom sex-ed and the rest of the rot that goes on in all too many Catholic schools today.

Many Catholics can't in good conscience even attend the modernized, feminized Masses in their parishes anymore. They drive hours every Sunday, trying to find a Mass that won’t scandalize their children.

I myself drive 45-minutes every Sunday (one way) just to find a Mass where my seven children won't be forced to receive the Body of Christ in the hand, while standing, and from some lady with a lot of control issues. Our bishops have told our children they're not allowed to even genuflect before receiving Holy Communion, much less kneel and receive on the tongue. 

What’s the matter with these men?! And how much more of this are we Catholics expected to take. Home educators, traditionalists, faithful Catholics all across this country are trying to keep the Faith (at a time when countless numbers are losing it), keep the tawdry details of  sex scandals and cover-ups from their little ones, and keep themselves on the straight and narrow. And now they get to watch their Bishops help raise funds for abortionists and same-sex marriage advocates. It’s just too much.  

Every day our wives rise with the sun and begin again the process of educating our children at home because, for most part, there isn't a Catholic school anywhere around which bothers to teach the Rosary, the Mass, the old Catechism, the Faith our fathers were taught for a thousand years. Here in this barren wasteland called the American Catholic Church, Catholics search for orthodoxy, thirst for doctrine, and must educate their children at home if they want them to keep the Faith. We don't mind.  It's a grace from God to be so close to one's children in these dark days. But are we expected, really, to give what little money we have left these days to the scandal-ridden Catholic Campaign for Human Development? 

It'll be a cold day in hell before I drop one thin dime into the CCHD collection basket, which, as one commentator put it, "will go to abortion, contraception, promotion of same-sex 'marriage,' porn-pushing, prostitution enabling, salaries of community organizers and the election of political Marxists."

Certainly, not all of the American bishops are aware of this fact, but that does little to lessen the scandal. Who is in charge of this organization? Who is minding the store? Does anyone even care anymore?

Remember the ACORN scandal a few years ago?  Did our Bishops refund us for that sham?  Did they even apologize for it? What about that scandal? And what about this one? What about all the scandals?  

Is it any wonder that the Catholic Church in America is breathing her last?   

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