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The Escalating Outrage that is the Novus Ordo Mass
Michael J. Matt POSTED: 11/19/12
Editor, The Remnant  

Self-Service Communion:

This particular outrage took place at the Continental Congress of Theology in S„o Leopoldo, Brazil. At the top of their site in Spanish  their proud mission statement reads: "Amerindia is a network of the Americas's Catholic ecumenical spirit and open to interfaith dialogue and cooperation with other institutions..." The date of the Congress in Brazil was October 11 & 12, 2012.

So, the Catholic Mass is just going completely Protestant now...and we're all good with that? Is that it? I know, the neo-Catholics don't like Pope Benedict's reforms; they prefer the new Mass; they like On Eagleís Wings; they like shaking hands, linking arms, and behaving like kindergartners at Mass.

Besides, they don't understand the Latin--blah, blah, blah. Puh-LEEZE! It's the Mass of all the Saints, Popes, Virgins, Martyrs, Doctors and Fathers of the Church in history. Itís the Mass of the Vendeans, the Cristeros, the English Martyrs, and Catholic heroes back to apostolic times. And, by the way, itís the Mass of our own grandmothers, for Pete's sake!

Letís man up, shall we? Itís not all about you, Mr. Neo-Cat. Itís about the proper worship owed to Almighty God. Look at the mess they've made of our Mass. Where's is the Catholic outrage? Are there no men left who are willing to defend the Bride of Christ in the face of this sacrilege?

If we're serious about finding our Catholic identity and not morphing into Nancy Pelosian apostates and nut jobs, how about we start praying and worshipping like Catholics again, exactly as the Holy Father wants us to do? Really, isnít it time to grow up? Or, should we play pat-a-cake with communion wafers like these cats? Whatís it gonna be!

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