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The Anti-Christian Pogrom:

We Are the New "Enemy of the People"

James Cunningham POSTED: 1/4/13


India today, America tomorrow

( The stark reality of deadly schoolhouse violence and the intellectual fraud that is the pathetic national narrative makes my blood run cold.  I don’t think I’m alone when I say, “the handwriting is on the wall”.  To those who are awake and standing watch, the truth is clear: we are witnessing the breakdown of our national social structure.

We know in our hearts that the political power and force has shifted into the court of those who adhere to the philosophy of socialism and the rules of Saul Alinsky. 

How quickly and to what extent will the radical and tyrannical elements metastasize into street violence depends on the strength and resistance of the conservative Christian body.  Let’s be honest, the Christian body, for the most part, is in denial of the reality that threatens its existence.

Take a look and a listen into the popular cultural haunts of the youth; (i.e. MTV, rock concerts and rap lyrics) and stroll around Wal-Mart.  Have Christian parents seriously paid any attention to the video kill games that American children spend hours absorbing? 

Consider the vulgarity, sex, violence and coarseness of TV and Hollywood movies.  The moral character or rather the lack thereof found in the halls and campuses of our colleges and universities is the exact fertile ground needed for the propagation of aggression and brutality. 

Add to this the common use of drugs and alcohol and the lack of respect for the pre-born and we are sitting on a social time-bomb.  Unemployment and a looming economic downturn also play a big role in fueling hostilities within a society; if that is the desired intention and I think it is. 

Now we have to truly ask ourselves; are there those within our society seeking to take power and use it to extirpate a competitive and opposing element in our society?  Breaking News: “Christians are the enemy of the People”.

Anyone who thinks that the anti-Catholic bias will not explode into an all-out “Christian Pogrom” is pathetically mistaken. 

The youth of our country are predominantly unchurched, stultified, stupefied, programed and desensitized; primed for hate propaganda.  All they need is a charismatic anti-Catholic demagogue and all Hell will break loose. 

Unfortunately, the Christian population of the world is in a sleepwalking trance of false self-security and it appears that they will be standing right in the middle of the tracks when the proverbial freight-train comes barreling at them at top speed. 

So, am I just another radical alarmist or do I see something that most of the Catholic population does not?  “Peace on Earth”, is the seasonal conundrum which does not refer to the peace of this world.  Life is a constant struggle for spiritual survival and at times a truly bloody war against all that is evil.  

We had better face the facts before it is too late and wake up to the reality that we are anything but safe and secure from the forces and hatred of Hell that are steadily growing in our communities as we speak. 

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