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Isn't It Time to Consider Legal Action Against Failing Public Schools?
Michael J. Matt POSTED: 12/21/12
Editor, The Remnant  


Have charges been filed against anyone in the school district? If not, why not? They knew this kid. He'd gone through their public middle school in Newtown. He was described by classmates at Newtown High as an "odd figure" who always "carried a brief case" and hung out with "computer nerds" and "brainiacs". He was from a wealthy family; the son of a "pillar of the community". Whose responsibility was he? The NRA's?

( Why is it that every time one of these ghastly school shootings takes place, the ordinary law-abiding citizen finds himself, back against the wall, defending the Second Amendment as if he were somehow the culprit? 

It’s as if the media intentionally stir up these simmering pots over more guns, less guns, arming everyone, disarming everyone to somehow preempt any meaningful debate on the real issue at hand: The colossal failure of our national public schools system, whose extremist policies are demonstrably more to blame for all of this than anything Smith & Wesson did or ever could do.

While we go on and on in these media-directed sidetracks, the folks who actually get paid to see to the education and personal safety of our nation’s students seem to get off scott-free. Some Americans would like to know why.

Sure, accidents happen. Tragedies happen, too, and nobody likes the blame game.  But if the plan on the Left is to simply pass the buck, blame the Second Amendment and the NRA for this one, and lobby the government to strip law-abiding citizens of even more civil liberties, while absolving themselves of any wrong doing whatsoever, then by all means let's let the games begin.

So how exactly does a 20-year-old get on a grade-school campus with a bag full of guns? What, nobody noticed this oddball? Can pedophiles stroll onto school property just as easily? Kidnappers? Drug dealers? Pimps?

And just what’s the point of a “gun-free zone” if no one intends to enforce it?  Is it just another feel-good policy to require signs posted at the entrances to all of our schools?  Were there any actual security measures in place, or was the plan to simply hang up silly signs and then blame the National Rifle Association (NRA) if anything goes awry.

So what was Plan B? Blame the parents? But students spend many more waking hours in school than with their parents. And, besides, parents enjoy extremely limited input on public school policy these days. (Here's an example of how it works.) These are the same public school bureaucrats who deny parental rights and usurp parental authority whenever and wherever they feel like it, even to the extent of lobbying against parental notification before abortions can be offered to minors.

Free condoms in the nurse’s office, even against the express wishes of parents?  Absolutely!  Parents have no rights to influence campus policy.

Mandatory compliance with socialist indoctrination of students that flies directly in the face of the religious beliefs of their parents?  You bet! And if you object, you might just end up in jail.

So what about these shootings? Under whose watch do they occur? The parents?  In whose buildings do they occur? The NRA’s? Why isn't Anderson Cooper discussing any of this? 

Leaving aside the social and moral free-for-all which public schools have become infamous for promoting—and which has led to widespread loss of respect for life, authority, and morality among whole generations of young Americans—where were the metal detectors? Where were the competent and adequately armed security officers?  This latest shooter was reportedly caught trying to break into the school just two days earlier? What, that didn’t send up any red flags?

Who’s in charge of our kids’ safety, and why do school administrators keep leaving the heroic defense of kids under fire in gymnasiums to underpaid teachers whose job description certainly does not include fending off armed assailants in the hallways?   

Again, who’s responsible for this? Have charges been filed against anyone in the school district?  If not, why not? They knew this kid. He'd gone through the public middle school in Newtown. He was described by classmates at Newtown High as an "odd figure" who always "carried a brief case" and hung out with "computer nerds" and "brainiacs".  He was from a wealthy family; the son of a "pillar of the community". Whose responsibility was he? The NRA's?

Next thing anyone knew he was shooting up kindergartners. How? People don’t get away with bringing guns into airports anymore, for example; so why is it so easy to tote them into schools? How many kids have to die at the hands of the next Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold or some other disturbed product of our vaunted public schools before the superintendents in charge stop blaming law-abiding gun owners and the NRA for their own criminal negligence.

And let’s not have any talk about God or morality or truth or consequences—not in our enlightened public schools!  The geniuses who banned God from the classroom years ago have since decided that kids don’t need morality reinforced in school, either. Give them the condoms! Encourage the risky behavior! Invite them to indulge every desire. After all, moral restrictions and prohibitions might bruise self-esteem, self-worth, and self-discovery!  And  self-destruction? Nobody talks about that until after there are dead kids lying all over the place. 

Why can’t these people be held responsible, not only for failing to protect our kids from pimply-faced punks strolling around campus with gun barrels sticking out from beneath their jackets, but also for their own failed social and academic policies where, say, for example, plummeting test scores are concerned, and national averages now embarrass our country in the eyes of the whole world?  Or how about those  skyrocketing teen pregnancy rates—the obvious byproduct of over-the-top sex indoctrination in public schools?  Any checks and balances on any of these obviously failed policies? Or does the public school monopoly get to just soldier on forever?

These people are no longer educators!  They are agenda-driven social engineers who are running experiments on our kids. They don’t believe in objective truth, they don’t teach consequences, they don’t even acknowledge good and evil, right and wrong, but rather stress only what is inappropriate and appropriate behavior; they undermine parental authority at every opportunity, and, obviously, they have no idea how to protect the kids in their charge from physical harm and even death.   

And whose fault is all this?  Gun manufactures’? The NRA’s?  Really?  Even though it’s become common knowledge that the few good teachers still risking life and limb in public schools are forbidden to discipline wayward students, lest self-esteem be damaged?    And how’s that working out so far? Ask the folks in Columbine, Conyers and now Newtown.

And, yet, all we hear about are guns and the occasional reference to mental illness—as if folks suffering a mental disability don’t have enough to worry about already without media and public school officials insinuating that everyone on Zoloft is a mass murder waiting to happen.  There are millions of people who suffer psychological disabilities, and they’re not running around shooting up schools. Public school kids, on the other hand, are!  So let’s not use mental illness to cover up the criminal negligence of public school administrators.  In the latest instance, it's not even certain that the shooter had diagnosed mental problems. And yet the media were pushing that possibility right from the get-go.  Why? Because then it's so much easier for the social engineers to stand on their soapbox and rail against guns.

On every level that matters, the public school system is getting an ‘F’!  So why do they keep getting a pass from the mainstream media?  Why is our national conversation all about guns when it should be all about demanding a total overhaul of public education?

More anti-gun laws are not going to fix the systemic problem. Consider this: Despite extremely tough anti-gun laws, a maniac staged the deadliest attack in Norway since WWII just last year, claiming 77 lives. He used a car bomb made of fertilizer and fuel oil that killed eight people in Oslo and injured 209 more. Two hours later he used guns at a summer camp, killing 69 and injuring 110.

On August 13, 2012 Norway's prime minister received the Gjorv Report which concluded that Norway's police could have prevented the bombing of central Oslo, caught mass killer Anders Behring Breivik faster and that more security and emergency measures to prevent further attacks and "mitigate adverse effects" should have been implemented.

In other words, they didn’t blame guns, fertilizer, the NRA or Santa Claus. They blamed the people in charge of security.

So instead of taking the bait and talking about guns in America ad nauseam, why aren’t we talking about class action lawsuits against the local, state and federal school boards where these shootings are becoming all too frequent and where the shooter is most often another damaged product of the public schools that somehow got over the wall?

Education in America is compulsory.  Parents are obliged by law to put their kids in school, and most use the public schools which their taxes subsidize.  But what do they get in return? Harassment and threats from administrators, anti-Christian prejudice from teachers, and semi-literate, bullied, and even dead kids.

Well played, public schools!  Yes, by all means, blame the NRA.  That’ll do the trick.

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