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The Roman Forum 2012 Summer Symposium Now Available On CD!


Catholic Social Doctrine:

Its Truth & Implementation; Its Friends & Enemies

Contact/More Info POSTED: 12/17/12
Plan Now: Roman Forum 2013  

The Remnant is proud to present the complete set of outstanding lectures in a hard plastic case, beautifully illustrated. 

Inside, you’ll find a complete table of contents, contact information for the Roman Forum,

and CDs beautifully produced and protected in a plastic sleeve, all numbered and labeled

for your convenience, recorded in tracks for easy search and playback!

(Roman Forum 2012, An Overview)

Order Yours Today!

Order the complete set of 16 CD's

(plus bonus MP3 CD of entire Symposium) for just $75 (p&h included)


To order individual CDs for just $7 (P&H included),

just click the corresponding PayPal button

Disc 1 – Dr. John Rao – Teaching What Should Be Obvious

Disc 2 – Dr. John Rao – Culture Wars in Germany and Italy

Disc 3 – Dr. John Rao – Problems, Popes and Politics (2 CD's)

Disc 4 – Dr. John Rao – Abandoning the Fort

Disc 5 – Dr. Brian McCall – Relationship Between Church and State

Disc 6 – Dr. Brian McCall – The Church’s Teaching on Personal Property

Disc 7 – Christopher Ferrara – Spatial Relations & Their Consequences (2 CD's)

Disc 8 – Professor John Mιdaille – Abolish Religion

Disc 9 - Gregor Hochreiter – The Individual Human Act and Economics

Disc 10 – Jamie Bogle – The Role of Secular Republican Nationalism

Disc 11 – Dr. Patrick Brennan – The Nature of the State Relying on the Church

Disc 12 – Rev. Dr. Richard Munkelt – Seeking the Science of Culture

Disc 13 – Msgr. Dr. Ignacio Barreiro – Teaching of the Church on the Common Good

Disc 14 – Dr. Thomas Stark – Catholic Social Teaching and the True Meaning of Freedom

Disc 15 – Michael Matt - Catholic Social Teaching; The Ruling Arm of Christ The King

Disc 16 – Question and Answer Period/ Performance of Sicut Cervus

BONUS: Disc 17 is an Mp3 version of the entire Symposium, offered for free with purchase of the entire CD set.

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