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The Cross, the Crescent and the Battle of Lepanto

Argument of the Month welcomes U.S. Marine officer, Christopher Check,

to tell the true story of Christianity's heroic stand against Islam

A Remnant Press Release POSTED: 9/19/12

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On October 7, 1571, in the Gulf of Lepanto the war galleys of the Holy League squared off against those of the Ottoman Turks, rowed by tens of thousands of Christian slaves. The battle decided the future of Europe, yet few Europeans (and even fewer Americans) know the story, much less how close Western Europe came to suffering an Islamic conquest.

Today with our own U.S. embassies in flames, we must never forget:

 The Battle of Lepanto

Christopher Check, Director of Development for Catholic Answers, believes that Europe and America without Christ are emptied of meaning and that Islam, the age-old enemy of the West, is on the rise again.

As the political and religious conflicts of the 16th-Century tore Europe asunder, the Turk threatened to devour Christendom.  She was saved only by the daring of Don John of Austria, the faith of Pope Saint Pius V, and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin. What will save the Christian West today?

Christopher Check holds a degree in English from Rice University. He served for seven years as a field artillery officer in the Marine Corps. He has lectured on Church history throughout North America and Europe and on October 2, 2012 he will be in Forest Lake, Minnesota.

Join us for the Argument of the Month's national kick-off

of its newest venue in Forest Lake, Minnesota


Fathers, bring your sons!

Let them hear this true story of Christian valor.

Help them understand what it means to be a Soldier of Christ.


Argument of the Month Forest Lake

St. Peter's Catholic Church

1250 South Shore Drive, Forest Lake, MN 55025

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Join us for great food, cold beer and a powerful Catholic story

told by an internationally renowned speaker!


October 2, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Plus, Mark Your Calendars!

The AOTM's New Season in So. St. Paul begins on October 9, 2012


  Introducing Life Site News Editor, John-Henry Westen


Is Big Brother Coming for You,

Your Priests and Your Kids?


Don't miss what promises to be one of the most

explosive ATOM presentations of the year!

The Argument of the Month South St. Paul

St. Augustine Catholic Church

408 3rd Street No

So. St. Paul, Minnesota

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