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Black Legends and the

Light of the World:

The War of Words with the Incarnate Word

John C. Rao, D. Phil., Oxford

Associate Professor of History, St. John’s University

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A New Book from The Remnant Press  

This monumental new book from The Remnant Press
provides a rock-solid basis for a clear understanding of the history not only of the Catholic Church, but also of salvation itself. No clear comprehension of the fall of Western civilization in modern times is possible without a fundamental understanding of Man, the Fall, the Incarnation and the Redemption.  Only by gaining a grasp of the black legends and the millennia-old war of the world against Christ and His Church can any of us understand current events in the Church and the modern State. This is Dr. Rao at his absolute best. 




Read Black Legends and let the scales fall from your eyes!


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An Interview of John Rao



International Praise for John Rao's "Black Legends"... 


Based on years of research, study and public presentation, this comprehensive survey of Catholic Church history is both fascinating and unique. Dr. Rao's work has always been filled with solid history and genuine insight. In this new book, he gives us a superb chronicle of the centuries of tensions and triumphs, and does so from a persuasive new perspective. This is the teacher and historian at his best.

Dr. David Allen White,

US Naval Academy (Ret)


Before we find ourselves in the situation in which no-one can appreciate the worth of history as a subject because no-one has read any, Dr. John Rao has intervened with this magnificent study. It assumes no previous knowledge, and can be read by anyone of good will. This should be required reading for anyone concerned about the situation in the Church and the world.

Dr. Joseph Shaw, D. Phil, Oxford

Chairman, Latin Mass Society of England and Wales


We live on the edge of chaos, and meanwhile conservatives long for a world that no longer exists and liberals bounce from one thing to the next.  Something categorically different is needed if we are to avoid the chaos conjured by a world of willfulness. That something different is a determination to use all of the tools that Faith and Reason offer to make the necessary transitions one at a time with the care that only supernatural hope makes possible. John Rao excels as a guide to believers in the Word incarnate who believe that the power of the supernatural to transform all of creation is by no means finished.

Prof. Patrick McKinley Brennan, Professor of Law

John F. Scarpa Chair in Catholic Legal Studies, Villanova University School of Law


John Rao unequivocally demonstrates what Hilaire  Belloc remarked in "The Free Press" (1918) that "truth has a power of its own."  Legends and myths ("black legends" and "good stories", as Rao calls them) have ultimately no power in front of Veritas, and melt like wax when exposed to the sun. Aside from ripping the veil away, Rao also identifies the motives behind the formulation of these evolving legends and myths. Black Legends is marvelous addition to the bookshelf of the thinking Catholic.

Prof. Benoit Roisin, Dartmouth College


Black Legends aims at the transformation of the Word in all aspects of life—religious, philosophy, arts, science, politics, society. The result Dr. Rao calls pax Christi. Dr. Rao wants Catholics that grasp the imperative character of the Truth for transforming nature and life to honor their Creator. Nothing is of greater importance in these days of a dark age.

 —Dr. Friedrich Romig,

Univ.-Dozent, Vienna (Austria)


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