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A Letter of Concern to the Editor of the The Remnant

James Cunningham POSTED: 3/23/13

Dear Mr. Matt:

The reported actions of our new Pope Francis are in themselves statements which do speak louder than words and that concerns me.  The numerous reports describing him as a man of the people, humble to the point of a mendicant abstaining from opulence is notable.  However impressive there are also the reports of the same man who is a non-conformist to traditions long practiced by the Church; a man whose behavior is sometimes exhibitionist and rebellious when it comes to accepted protocol.  Is this all a sign of humility that I just donít understand, or is he drawing attention to himself for other reasons less noble?  Either way there appears to be a confusing conflict with the definition of humility and the attention our new pontiffís behavior is provoking. I donít mean to be disrespectful; I just donít see the correlation.

Another thing that concerns me is the report that his diocese and seminary in Buenas Aries, Argentina is in a state of shambles.  What if anything does this say for his spiritual and fiscal executive abilities?  It is no secret that the whole Church is suffering from a crisis in Faith as well as finances and both subjects have to be remedied.  Is his parochial track record an indication of the direction we are headed and how concerned should we be?  These questions are troubling and wonít go away with wishful thinking.  Optimism without serious practical analysis and doctrinal adherence within the traditions of our Holy Church is a sin against prudence and an insult to the saints.

I wish he would spend more time speaking about the dissolution of the Catholic family and less with the environment and outreach to the Islamists. Certainly the practical management of our physical planet is important but, the family and its spiritual formation should be his first priority.  The Catholic family is the foundation for the Catholic Society in renewing all things in Christ Jesus. The planet was made for mankind and only reflects in kind the mismanagement of our godless society.  Putting all things in right order in Christ Jesus is the answer to mankindís miseries and abuses not negotiating with Green Peace or the United Nations.

I hope Iím wrong and my concern that Pope Francis may be a fan of the cameraís attention is false.  I pray that he will surround himself with prelates who are solid Catholics focused of the spiritual renewal of the Holy Catholic Church.  The fact still remains that the post Vatican II years have been a veritable and heartbreaking disaster for the Faith and the economy of our beloved Catholic Church and unless Pope Francis is willing to accept that reality and deal with it we will just get more of the same. 

It is wonderful to be enthusiastic about the corporal works of mercy and the needs of the poor however the first priority of the Catholic Church is its spiritual works of mercy and the two can never be reversed in order or separated.  I hope our new pope does not lose sight of that goal and get caught up in the politics of social justice and environmentalism via democratic plebiscites. What we need is for our Pope Francis to clearly state the traditional doctrinal truths of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and condemn heresy.  We shall pray for Pope Francis that he will be strong in virtue and leadership. 

Viva Cristo Rey!

James Cunningham


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