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Remnant-TV Is Finally Here

(And so is Catholic persecution)

Michael J. Matt POSTED: 1/29/13
Editor, The Remnant  


There is no question that newsprint is a dying model. There is no question that newsprint must survive.  Contradiction?  Not at all.  Once the Internet becomes completely hostile to all things Catholic the plug on the Catholic press will be pulled—literally overnight. Something must survive in order to keep the Catholic press alive after that happens.  It will be physical magazines, books and newspapers, plain and simple.  To survive, the Catholic press will have to go back to the future.

Over half a million people gathered on the mall in Washington, D.C., yesterday to defend human life.  Did you see that on Anderson Cooper last night? Neither did we.

With this in mind, The Remnant is throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, into preparing for ideological total war against the Catholic Church, the Christian family and the unborn child.  We're working here on (look for a total overhaul of this site next month), on Facebook ( and now at Remnant-TV to fight back, while putting every penny and resource gained from that effort back into the physical, newsprint edition of The Remnant. So far, so good.  But if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do so right HERE

Remnant-TV will have its new permanent home next month, complete with on-demand streaming video and a full catalogue of all of our weekly programs. The address will be In the meantime, we're on YouTube.

Our main program is called The Remnant Underground and we have posted a sample episode HERE.   But we will also be offering something called “Three Minutes Underground” which will come out a couple of times per week.  In addition, there will be longer programs that will feature interviews of Catholic writers and activists, pro-life and pro-homeschooling leaders, etc., as well as coverage of events around the world relevant to Catholic restoration.

After Obama’s second inaugural address it seems pretty clear that war has been declared on Christian America.   We’re heading down into the catacombs. You wanna come with us? 

No, it's not to hide. We’re going down there to do all in our power to strategize, confirm the brethren, and prepare for all-out war against our Pope, our Church, our Scriptures, our families, our children and life as we once knew it.

We need your help.  Please spread the word about Remnant-TV. Send us suggestions for topics you’d like to see discussed. Tell us which Catholic activists you’d like to see interviewed.  Just look at Remnant-TV as your Catholic resource. We will be approachable. We’ll be largely unscripted. We’re not going for gimmickry and all the latest special effects.

We don’t need millions of dollars.   

We do need your moral support.

We also need you to spread the word.

And we need your prayers.   

So, don’t send us a penny! Just join us in the trenches—in the catacombs—and let’s unite against our common enemies--the world, the flesh and devil. This isn't over yet. The Remnant is fighting back and God will not be mocked much longer.

Long Live Christ the King!

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