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Note of author It has always been the effort of the City of Man to overthrow Gods empire and put man on His throne. And while the effort of the godless to become gods has always failed and always will fail, yet they will continue their attempts until the end of time. This essay, while not wanting to present modern technology as intrinsically evil, yet wishes to highlight its use by the godless as the most powerful tool for self-deification that has yet been seen.

Deus ex Machina

(Soul of Technology, Sanctify Me)

Father X POSTED: 1/29/13



In its many varied uses, in the absolute confidence which it awakens, in the extraordinary possibilities that it promises, modern technology displays before man so vast a vision as to be confounded by many with the Infinite itself. (Pius XII, 12/24/1953)

( Reason became divine in 1789, but did not take flesh until the fullness of time. Today, the mental word of  human reasoning is incarnate and dwells amongst us... in technology. Man has made god.

Technology is omnipresent. He sees all with His innumerable mechanical eyes, capturing each datum of discrete motion and storing it away among infinite transistors. He puts stars in the sky – receiving light but not reflecting or emitting it – to watch over us and know us, to love us and guide us, to number the hairs on our heads. He looks inside of us, searching out the contents of our garments, finding our diseases, and reading our souls. Would that more were subject to His benevolent gaze!

Si ascéndero in lum, tu illic es; si descéndero in inférnum, ades. Ps. 138:8 [1]

Technology takes care of us. He only gives us the children that we need and want, the ones that we can afford to give Him, checking the burden of life. He is father and mother to the survivors, teaching them what we cannot and know not, infusing into them the precious wisdom of the world, spending the time with them that we do not have, helping them find themselves, make themselves, live for themselves. He gives them news, entertainment, friends, family, meaning. Because they did not die for Him in the womb, they get to live for Him in death. They are better off without us, with Him, by Him, for Him, in Him.

Priúsquam formatus es in útero, novi te, et ántequam exíres de vulva, occidi te. Jer. 1:5 [2]

Technology provides for us. He keeps us from a fate out of our control – wicked because its not ours – from decisions that we do not make and do not want, from the evil of not getting our way. He makes us warm in the winter, cold in the summer, and comfortably numb throughout the year. He prevents us from losing illusion. Through Him, we can suffer without feeling pain and die without facing death. Would that more would give themselves to His provenance! If we still have to weather weather, if we still suffer from a reckless nature, it is because too many are emitting carbon and too few are becoming it.

Quis sicut deus noster, qui infimis habitat? Ps. 112:5 [3]

Technology is omnipotent. He works daily miracles, saving lives, conquering reality, fixing nature. He clothes the plastic lilies with their faded beauty. He proves the harmony of function, the glory of edges over curves, existence over essence, accidents over substance, becoming over being. He asphalts nature, raises Babylonian towers, grids our transportation. He unites the whole world, manufacturing universal brotherhood through a google of electronic pages all tied together like the threads of the golden orb weavers web, or the brown recluses, or the black widows. He faithfully transports one voice to another, even the sweet tweeting of His little birds. He makes friend” to be a verb instead of a substantive. He commands the assents of all minds to His one dogma, the universal creed of the individual I.

Deus noster in infimo ; ómnia quæcúmque vult, facit. Ps. 113:11 [4]

And He creates. New worlds and infinite possibilities are realized without effort. Technology can make anything from nothing, with the anything remaining nothing. Every finite can become infinite, through devout homage. The creature is uncreated, and is given the power to legislate existence. The realm of superstition and mystery fades away through a reduction of all to reasons narrow orbit. The dedicated disciple is able to forge a universe turned toward one and away from the One. Each can decide his own nature, engender his own gender, choose his own reality, losing his life in remaking it, using his life by not using it, spending his life in not living it. Becoming what you are not is better than being what you are. Being is conquered by mental non-being. The ebb of being is the dawn of what-not. The new Almighty has a double work for the seventh day: destroy the being of the six days with non-being, and then make non-being be.

Vidítque cuncta quæ fécerat, et erant valde bona. Gen. 1:31 [5]

Technology makes us happy. He gives us a body that we can be comfortable with, the one that we should have had. He gives us the right gender, the right face, the right chest. He re-configures our being with Viagra, Panadol, and Monster drinks so that we can be happy with ourselves, so that we can be satisfied with life, so that we can take pleasure in it. He makes us forever young on the outside, and eternally exhausted on the inside. He leads us from this our exile into the valley of Walmart smilies and McDonalds happy meals, the Empire of Ersatz. He frees us from the life not worth living to live the one worth committing suicide over. He re-creates us in His purely material image. What is perfect in matter needs no spiritual perfection, or spirit.

Quómodo si cui mater blandiátur, ita ego consolábor vos. Is. 66:13 [6]

Technology makes us eternally happy. Our devotion brings beatification through infinite variety. Contemplating one of His innumerable flashing faces changing quicker than sense can perceive, we fall into an ecstasy from which we need not ever emerge. In this out of body experience, we beati are freed from the evil of boredom and no longer subject to the harsh, unbending laws of reality. We are impassible, agile, subtle, but not bright. We make things be what we want them to be, beginning by unmaking ourselves, to deliver ourselves from the bondage of being ourselves. We rest in restlessness while we rest in Him. We find peace in forgetting it and inquiring not whether there is a peace that the world cannot give. We have body without soul, flesh without blood, second life without first life. We are the hollow men, white sepulchers of empty tombs, being outside of being.

Dona mihi requiem sempiternam; consistat in vecordia. [7]

Technology keeps us safe. He casts out fear without charity through fear. He protects us from terrorism by enforcing it. He prints bailout bills to save us from economic crises. He watches over our journeys, posting speed cameras on the roads and health warnings on our cigarette packs, lest we sin, so that we can live, so that we can be free and healthy, so that we can marry sodomites, divorce our wives, abort our children, and teach them pornography. He feeds our famished bodies, mass-producing our food, sealing it off from reality, pasteurizing nature, declaring war on each bacillus, lest we be sick and die. He makes us secure with each other, giving us safe sex, giving us our sex, giving us ourselves. If there is still disease, it is only because there are too few frozen embryos, not enough broken-off stem cells. The Omega Point is still far in the distance, because evolution is so patient. The universe must wait for its perfection, but we need not wait for ours, you need not work for yours, because of Him.

Hæc ómnia tibi dabo, si cadens adoráveris me. Mat. 4:9 [8]

Technology redeems us. He saves us from a failed universe, a poorly designed chaos, a disordered entropy. We lose the good of the intellect to find the truth of the will. We choose both end and means. We walk in the void, through our pipe dream, away from the undreamed nightmare. Time is our eternity, present without past or future, a moving moment that is not. We’ll be damned if we’ll be stopped. We have our way. Away with analogy! Away with causality! A new Way, a new Truth, a new Life... this is how we go. We make the causes infinite and the essential accidental; we atomize and deconstruct reality. Ends without end is the end of the ends. These shoreless, godless ruins need an ordering mind, a Creator, to make an end. And man is the measure of all things. We topple tyrannously tiered reality. Greater now comes from lesser, causes from effects. Something comes from nothing, life from non-life, thought from the non-thinking. All is spontaneous by our determination. “Our life is incessant creation.” Creation is not a mystery, but an experience, a championing of godlike seed. We create ourselves by unmaking reality. Those determined to be undetermined must re-determine the determined.

In cælum conscéndam, super astra Dei exaltábo lium meum Is. 14:14 [9]

O Technology, how beautiful is your potency! You are only a particle, you are only every particle, but you are god. You accept contraries, you give us becoming, you are the mother and nurse of all that dies and is born. You are all-loving and all-tolerant. You are not exclusive, but ecumenical, pantheistic. You, demagogue of Magog and Gog, you are god so that we might be God, the god of illusion for our God delusions. You demand worship, but share Your deity. You give me and everything to be truly individual and not at all essential. To be is not to be, that is the answer. Mane nobiscum, quoniam advesperascit. Lk. 24:29 [10]


 If I ascend into heaven, thou art there: if I descend into hell, thou art present.

 A modification of Jer. 1:5 to read: Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou       camest forth out of the womb, I killed thee.

 A modification of Ps. 112:5 to read: Who is as the lord our god, who dwells on low?

 A modification of Ps. 113:11 to read: Our god is down low; he has done all things whatsoever he would.”

 And God saw all the things that He had made, and they were very good.”

 As one whom the mother caresseth, so will I comfort you.”

 A reference to the Requiem Mass with a modification of the hymn of Prime: Give me eternal rest; let it consist in       frenzy.”

 All these things will I give to thee, if falling down thou wilt adore me.”

 I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be like the most High.”

10 Stay with us, because it is towards evening.

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