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From Minnesota Nice to Minnesota Vice:

Aggressive Legislation Threatens to Bury Catholic Church in Minnesota

Paul Stephens POSTED:5/10/13
Guest Columnist  


( The elected officials of the state of Minnesota are about to pass and impose upon their people two pieces of legislation that would make the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah jump for joy, were their bodies not buried in brimstone deep beneath the deadest body of water on the face of the earth: the Dead Sea. 

On the day that traditional Catholics were celebrating the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord into Heaven, homosexual advocates were celebrating the passage of a gay marriage bill at the Minnesota state capital. Sure, it still has to pass through the state senate and be signed by the state governor, but these two steps are all but certain, after which homosexual marriages will be recognized in the state by early August. The only bone to be thrown to the churches is that this legislation will apply to civil marriages, not religious.

Meanwhile another homosexual-friendly bill is winding its way through the Minnesota political labyrinth, which piece of legislation will impose upon all schools a radical pro-homosexual anti-bully program. If passed as currently proposed, it will become the most radical program of its kind in the entire nation. Once again the only bone for the churches in this case is a possibleóbut not probableóexception for schools that are private or religiously based. The governor has already indicated he will sign the bill.

But wait; there is yet one more bill in the works that should be of grave concern to Catholics, even if not appealing to homosexual predators. The Child Victims Act, already passed by the Minnesota state senate and house, would drop the statute of limitations for civil suits involving child sexual abuse, no matter how long past the alleged abuse occurred. But get this: the Act will not apply to any public or government institutions, but only private and non-profit organizations. Thatís right. If someone was abused in a public school or in community sports, the statute of limitations remains in effect. Talk about a double standard.

With three pieces of depraved and unjust legislation passing simultaneously through the state system, you would think that the Catholic Church in Minnesota would have mounted a major campaign to inform and galvanize the faithful on every one of these causes. Yet your typical person in the pew probably knows little more about these issues than what is read in the local media, or perhaps an occasional article in the local diocesan papers. Regarding the Child Victims Act and the potential it has to financially cripple or even bankrupt some dioceses of Minnesota, even the pastors appear to be clueless at this time. Ironically, as the Archdiocese of St. Paul - Minneapolis undertakes a feasibility study for a capital campaign to raise $165,000,000 in endowments, a local lawyer who specializes in lawsuits against the Church is licking his lips.

Itís almost as if the leadership has folded its cards and laid down its hand against the enemies of God. Having led with trump by sponsoring a constitutional amendment to limit marriage to one man and one woman but losing that battle in the last election, the enemies now have backlash momentum to push their diabolical agenda, including homosexual marriage, pro-homo schools and financial ruin of opponents. How will this end? Stay tuned as more votes are cast, bills are signed, and churchmen sit on their hands.

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