Protesting "Monk Rock"

by Diane Marie Ferrara
(The following letters was sent to John Talbot)
Dear John Michael Talbot,
I listened to segments of your new "Monk Rock" album. [full story]
I have to say I was really shocked and saddened that you have reduced sacred themes to such a profane setting.  There is absolutely no justification for this.
If I were you, I would pray long and deeply for light on this. 
Putting sacred music to rock themes is tantamount to desecration.
The true Christian, the radical Christian, who has the mind of Christ, puts the world away from him; he does not try to pour sacred themes into "old wineskins" -- into vessels sullied with passions and profane culture.  Rather, he labors to rid society of those corruptions of culture that conduce to a debasement of life and living.
You left the rock culture behind years ago....why do you go back to it now?  It wasn't evil just because of the drugs and drinking.  It was evil because it was one and the same thing with all that.  Rock is the product of a fallen civilization.
You should be working against such things, not marketing it and -- worse yet -- desecrating sacred themes by dousing them with a heavy rock infusion.
Do not pretend to be serving God and Christ in all this. 
Let us pray for one another to be faithful to the end.
Yours in Christ
Diane Marie