Diary of an Unborn Child
(Remembering the 40 Million)


Afterword by Michael J. Matt


(The black border around this feature indicates mourning for the children murdered through abortions.)

October 5 – Today my life began.  My parents do not know it yet.  I am as small as a seed of an apple, but it is I already.  And I am to be a girl.  I shall have blond hair and azure eyes.  Just about everything is settled though, even the fact that I shall love flowers.

October 19 – some say that I am not a real person yet, that only my mother exists.  But I am a real person, just as a small crumb of bread is yet truly bread.  My mother is.  And I am.

October 25 – My heart began to beat today all by itself.  From now on it shall gently beat for the rest of my life without ever stopping to rest!  And after many years it will tire.  It will stop, and then I shall die.

November 2 – I am growing a bit every day.  My arms and legs are beginning to take shape.  But I have to wait a long time yet before those little legs will raise me to my mother’s arms, before these little arms will be able to gather flowers and embrace my father.

November 12 – Tiny fingers are beginning to form on my hands. Funny how small they are! I shall be able to stroke my mother’s hair with them.  And I shall take her hair to my mouth and she will probably say, “Oh, no, no, dear…”

November 20 – It wasn’t until today that the doctor told Mom that I am living here under her heart.  Oh, how happy she must be!  Are you happy, Mom?

November 25 – My mom and dad are probably thinking about a name for me.  But they don’t even know that I am a girl.  They are probably saying Andy.  But I want to be called Cathy.  I am getting so big already.

December 24 – I wonder if mom hears the whispering of my heart?  Some children come into the world a little sick.  And then the delicate hands of the doctor perform miracles to bring them to health.  But my heart is strong and healthy.  It beats so evenly – tup-tup-tup…You’ll have a healthy little daughter, Mom!

December 28 – Today my mother killed me.


As January 22nd approaches once again we turn our thoughts to America’s other “day of infamy” when the unholy Sacrament of Abortion was legalized and our nation began the ghoulish process of exterminating 40 millions of its own babies. Since that day our country’s death machine has continued to perform at peak proficiency to such an extent that one wonders how any of us can claim that ours is still a great country and that patriotism demands unwavering support for America’s war to refashion the world in our image and likeness. 

Our  “democratic freedoms,” we are constantly assured, make us the envy of the world, and God Himself wants us to use our war machine to force-plant them in Iraq and elsewhere.  But in 2006 those "freedoms" have come to include the “freedom” to kill babies, the “freedom” to access pornography without hindrance, the “freedom” to “gay marriage,” the freedom to broadcast MTV into every home, the “freedom” to hand out condoms to 10-year-olds, the “freedom” to litter the landscape with still more Wal-Marts and McDonalds, the “freedom” to do whatever we please, to say nothing of sending our mothers and sisters onto battlefields in combat gear to help guarantee for all men these precious hallmarks of a “free country”!

Who are we kidding?  The “shining city on the hill” has obviously suffered a massive power outage. How can we lecture any nation about terrorism or anything else when we ourselves continue to terrorize to death a million people each year?  At the end of the day, are we really morally superior to the terrorists we sanctimoniously seek to “bring to justice”?  Whose justice? Ours?  What justice!

As the ignominious anniversary of Roe approaches again with still no end in sight to the bloody carnage, perhaps we should ask ourselves a few hard questions:  When our “Christian” President shows more concern for the bird flu in far off Asia than the murder of a million Americans per year here at home—how pro-life can he be…really?  When September 11th, as horrific as that day was, is generally regarded by GOP politicians as something much worse than the terrorism in the womb that has claimed the lives of 40 million Americans, how pro-life can they be…really? And when we ourselves vote for charlatans who promise to sanction the killing of only some of the babies some of the time, how pro-life can we be…really?

Our national outrage over Sept 11th took the form of a “holy” war in the mid east which has cost billions of dollars and countless lives thus far.  A patriot’s sacred duty, we are told, is to support that war regardless of the costs. After all, we lost some buildings and 3,000 lives on Sept. 11th!   They attacked us!  We’re Americans, and we’re not gonna take that sittin’ down!

But what about abortion? Where's the outrage over that? Where’s the war to avenge those 40 million dead Americans?  Patriots will take care of that, I suppose, by voting for Rudolph Giuliani rather than Hilary Clinton in 2008! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Our prayers are with those who will march for life next Monday in Washington, D.C., but I think we’re all becoming resigned to the fact that until America repents, until America’s public education/indoctrination system is abolished, until America’s sex-driven music and film industries are shut down, until American “conservative” politicians get serious about abortion… we might as well jump rope on the mall in D.C., for our help is certainly not coming from Washington.

If the abortion holocaust is to end, America will have to repent and then convert back to Christ; but this conversion will not ride in on the back of Protestantism nor will it come about through the aegis of Protestant politicians.  Leaving the question of the morality of the Iraq war aside for a moment and not questioning President Bush’s many admirable qualities, let us consider what becomes of Truth when we inform our Catholic children that George Bush is one of the "good guys" who is on Christ’s side.  If that's true, then the “good guys” in America do virtually nothing to defend the lives of unborn babies, believe in divorce and remarriage, contraception, abortion in certain cases, classroom sex education, “safe sex”, homosexual rights, deny that the Catholic religion is the sole means of salvation, deny the Real Presence, deny the social Kingship of Christ, deny the papacy, deny Mary mediatrix of all graces, and reject all Christ’s sacraments except two— and this is just for starters.   In other words, “good guys” are still “on Christ’s side” in America even when they reject everything Catholics are supposed to die for rather than deny.   Is it any wonder our children are becoming lukewarm in their Faith when we’ve sold our  birthright for this mess of pottage called political “conservatism”?

Some good folks might just now be tempted to regurgitate the retort that The Remnant evidently would prefer Al Gore or Hilary Clinton over George Bush.  Of course not (!) and that's quite beside the point.  That the far left liberals in this country are even worse than the right-wing liberals who call themselves “conservatives” only serves to demonstrate that the total triumph of the enemies of Christ’s Church is at hand.  There are no “good guys” left—just those who are less vile.

Today’s conservatives are yesterday’s liberals just as today’s “Christians” are yesterday’s heretics. Liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats—they’re all compromised and, to varying degrees, they’re all builders of the same post-Christian New World Order; they are splinters and spin-offs of the forces of revolution that waged war against altar and throne and priest and papacy for half a millennium.  They’re the descendents of those who tore down the walls of Christendom centuries ago so that they might rape the Bride of Christ. 

Those “serious” ideological differences that—at least according to Fox News, CNN and the rest of Big Brother’s disinformation ministry—supposedly divide them into “right-” and “left-wing” camps are taken seriously only by those who’ve been hopelessly deceived already.  For Catholics who are actually paying attention there is but one camp, and it is occupied by the right and left flanks of the army of secularism, working towards the same end—the establishment of utopia, the brotherhood of man, the New World Order.  Whether they have a “D” or an “R” after their names, they all agree that the rights of “we the people”--the rights of man--trump the rights of God and His Church. 

How can good Catholics fail to notice that we no longer have a horse in this race?   Our nation is in need of an exorcism, not another election.  Abortion, we must remember, is a consequence of the fall of Christendom, not a cause of it. It is an effect. Restore Christendom, and satanic blights such as abortion and gay marriage will disappear overnight. Reform the Church in light of Tradition, and Christendom will rise again.

In the meantime millions of American babies will continue to ride democracy’s conveyor belt into the fiery belly of Baal to be sacrificed in the name of freedom and the American way—while we hold rallies in support of the GOP’s latest “great white hope” who will say what needs to be said in order to get elected and then proceed to do precisely nothing for the unborn. 

If we really want to save babies we have to get up and do it ourselves. We have to put on our hats and scarves and actually head out the door and over to the clinic to pray on that sidewalk battleground with those quiet warriors who long ago gave up on Washington's liars and who actually go to war for the unborn every Saturday morning; we need to pray for (and send money to) outfits like the American Catholic Lawyers Association http://www.americancatholiclawyers.org/ which is run by traditional Catholic lawyers who donate their time to the defense of pro-lifers who’ve been dragged into American courts by pro-abort thugs for trying to put an end to the slaughter; we need to get behind staunchly Catholic rescue workers such as Miss Edel Finnegan at the Pro-Life Union of Southeastern Pennsylvania http://www.cst-phl.com/third.html, for example, who for years has been in the trenches and at the front lines, not waiting around for some yahoo politician to save the babies, but doing it herself, every day, one baby at a time, and saving souls in the process... one young mother's at a time through her loving, Catholic counseling. 

We can either support these pro-life superheroes or we can sit on our duffs and wait for hell to freeze over at which time our “conservative”, “Christian” politicians will indeed declare war on legal abortion in this country. Quite obviously, there’s much to pray for next Monday, not the least of which are the souls of 40 million murdered babies and the mothers and doctors who pierced infant skulls and drained infant blood in the name of American “freedom”.

Above all else, we must work ceaselessly for the restoration of the Catholic Church. In the shadow of the abortion holocaust industry, the last, best hope for America lies in the Catholic counterrevolution—the abandonment of the disastrous “new orientation” of Vatican II and the total restoration of traditional Catholicism.  It’s just that simple.  Even if her human element lacks the courage and the willpower to resist, the Catholic Church still has the infrastructure in place to change the whole world and to bring an immediate end to scourges such as abortion.  But first the old Mass must be restored so that the old Faith can breathe and Christian morality can thrive again.  The Church must return to her moorings and reemphasize her teachings, not merely on the dignity of man and human rights, but on death, judgment, Heaven and Hell—the only things that really matter.  She must shine the light of Catholic truth on the path that leads away from this nightmare “we the people” dreamed up after the walls of Christendom had been breached. 

God bless America?  Oh I don’t think there’s much chance of that happening anytime soon. We don’t deserve it. I don’t pretend to know the mind of God, but something tells me He just might have other plans for us. After all, the silent voices of forty million slaughtered innocents cry out to Him for justice every day. And He actually hears them... even if we no longer can. At this darkest hour in our history, I can think of much more apropos prayer. It goes something like this:  God be merciful even if we have not been; please, God, forgive us, spare our children, save America!

- Michael J. Matt