Lone Traditional Catholic Confronts Mighty Ford Motor Company

Diversity Training is Christophobic!

William Price
Guest Columnist

www.remnantnewspaper.com Editor’s Note:  The following was sent to us by William Price— traditional Catholic, Vietnam vet, father of six, and employee of Ford Motor Company.  Mr. Price’s Catholic courage in the face of secularist persecution, as well as his willingness to stand against the neo-fascist regime of political correctness, is one of the most inspirational examples of Catholic resistance we’ve seen.  We encourage all readers of The Remnant to pray for Mr. Price and his family,  and to not forget this heroic reminder of what is still required of all Catholics living in the anti-Christian new world order.  Mr. Price is proving that there are no excuses for any of us to absent ourselves  from the public fight for truth. Even on this seemingly lost battlefield, our Savior still calls us to acknowledge His kingship, no matter what the consequences.  May each of us show the same Catholic spittle when our time comes to be hauled in front of the “Committee of Public Safety”, and may word of Mr. Price’s lonely stand against a new Goliath spread far enough and wide enough to convince even the most skeptical among us that there is still every reason to raise our Catholic voices in righteous protest against the ungodly and the unholy who are trampling over the Mystical Body of Christ in the modern world.  MJM


To: Joe Layman Group V.P.,

Corporate Human Resources & Labor Affairs,

Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI

April 25, 2006


Dear Mr. Layman:


The purpose of this letter is to inform you of my pending decision to disclose Ford Motor documentation to American Family Association. I have now been contacted by a second organization representing a number of smaller groups and organizing to implement a boycott of Ford products. The AFA asked if I know of anybody who has suffered retribution for non-compliance with Ford’s gay agenda. I have told them that I will get back with them.

Let me bring you up to date on the pertinent events. I notified Ford that I will not comply with their mandate to attend “diversity” training. In February of 2003 it was announced that all Ford employees would be scheduled for a day long diversity session. I notified my supervisor that I would not comply with the company’s edict. I wrote the following letter:

Dear Tina,

I must inform you that I will not be able to attend the Ford Motor Co. diversity training program. Since the sexual orientation material contained in the program condones behavior in an active homosexual lifestyle, it will not be possible for me to attend. 

My objection to the indoctrination that the material presents is based on the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Catechism, sec. 2 chapter 2 Art. 6 No. 2357 (140) on page 566 states, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.”(141) “They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.” (Emphasis mine)

Ford’s diversity training, in its current form, would be for me an indoctrination to a view that neither I, or the teaching authority of the Catholic Church agrees with. In addition, to force me to attend would be a violation of my free exercise rights in the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. One cannot be forced to participate in training programs which assault his protected religious beliefs. I’m sure your experience in this field enables you to understand the diverse moral perspectives in today’s world. I respect all people but I do not agree with or approve of all behavior.

You have my permission to show this letter to your superiors in order to justify the attendance records you are responsible for. Thank you for your time.


                                                            William Price

Subsequent to presenting the above, I was subjected to a disciplinary hearing where I was threatened with a written action by Ford management for refusing a job assignment (diversity attendance) and told not to speak of the details surrounding the incident. In other words, Ford attempted to intimidate me into a condition of silence.

Shortly after this, I filled out a verification survey sent from the Dependant Audit Department (hereafter referred to as DAD). DAD was asking for re-verification of my dependants to determine their eligibility status. The process was outlined in DAD’s survey form, describing what dependant documentation must be provided by company employees in order to continue on Ford sponsored medical and dental programs. An easy verification process was offered to the domestic partners of Ford employees, and I decided that I would use that same easy method for verification of my dependants. DAD rejected my dependants on that basis. I pointed out to DAD that to not allow my dependants the same options available to the dependants of gay employees, would constitute nothing less than invidious discrimination. The director of employee benefits, Lee Mezza sent me a letter stating that what I had provided, according to Ford guidelines for domestic partners, did not meet the Ford standard predicated on IRC 151 (for non gays). Lee Mezza terminated my minor dependants from Ford’s benefit programs for over a year and I was continually harassed during that period, while trying to recover my dependents medical insurance. Ford gave me the old comply or die routine.

About the same time that I notified Ford of my refusal to attend their day long diversity program, the Ford payroll department imputed bogus tax codes (S…00) meaning a marital status of single and a dependant designation of zero for tax purposes, despite the  facts. I have been married to the same woman for 29 years and had six children, that we home schooled. Ford was aware of my martial status and that all my children were eligible (until the age of 18) for Ford’s medical insurance program. When I was able to show, through Freedom of Information Act requests, that the letter/directive Ford used to impose the erroneous tax codes was a fraud, Ford continued despite that irrefutable evidence I presented.

I wrote an article about my refusal to comply with Ford’s “diversity” program (See the attached). The article was subsequently printed in a newspaper “The Remnant”. Since the publication of that article, I have been contacted by the American Family Association and asked for permission to reprint it. I, of course, consented. I was told it will appear in their May issue. As previously stated, another organization “The Center for Reclaiming America” has contacted me regarding Ford “diversity”. Stephanie Simon, Staff writer, Los Angeles Times, National Desk, asked me for information after being told about the article printed in the “Remnant”. There appears to be quite a growing interest in Ford’s social agenda. 

I firmly believe that although I have been an exemplary employee, competent as an electrician, and actually go beyond what would normally be expected in my field as an electrician, I have been attacked by certain Ford management personnel because of my opposition to Ford’s mandatory “diversity training”.

I am now offering one last chance and issuing a warning to Ford Motor Company through you, Mr. Layman. If Ford does not schedule a meeting for the purpose of compensating me for the loss of medical insurance, harassment and weekly confiscation of my pay through a fraudulent document deliberately used by Ford and never verified for its authenticity, I will turn over all such documents, e.g. DAD’s surveys outlining Fords double standard for verification of dependants (gay v. non-gay), letter’s from DAD refusing my documentation for verification, thus denying my then 8, 15 and 17 year old dependants of what they were entitled to, letters from the Office of General Council sent by attorneys on Fords behalf and used to harass me and my family. The unverified document which Ford employees used and placed in my payroll file will also be included. I have provided irrefutable evidence to Ford Payroll Dept., through Sue Napoleone, Tim McGraw and Ms. Windiate that said document is a total fraud and they still continued to implement the lying directives this fraudulent letter contained. I will disclose these documents, or if for some reason I am not able to, the friends I have entrusted copies with, will do it for me. If I hear nothing from you within 5 working days from the day you receive this notice, I will get back with those that have made such inquiries. 

This will be Ford’s last chance to deal with the problem separate from media scrutiny concerning Ford’s retribution practiced on me and possibly others that have dared to deviate.  If you act promptly and take care of the problem I have described, I will consider that Ford finally saw the light and fulfilled its fiduciary duty to me, and additionally, was willing to correct itself according to the law.  I will leave this aspect out of my vocal opposition to Ford’s diversity program. Otherwise, their will be a new dimension to Ford’s controversial social agenda (Retribution). 

Finally, in 1967, I was stationed near DaNang, in Vietnam. After returning from patrols us marines had the custom of dropping our fatigues and burning off the leaches we picked up in the rice paddies from the back side of our buddies, with cigarettes. I remember making a promise to myself during one of those times, “If I can get through my 13 month tour of duty, I would try to live the rest of my life for freedom, as long as I was free to do so.” I’m a lot smarter now about what freedom is, and I’m not going to let anyone coerce me into living with compromises just so I can feel “safe and secure” about my future. I will not settle for anything less than the truth. I hope I have made myself very clear on this issue, Mr. Layman. If you’re afraid of your superiors or pseudo IRS agents, then disregard this letter and wait for the news concerning Ford’s retribution programs.


William Price

Notary: The above signed has appeared before me and properly identified himself. He has presented an original and 6 copies and has placed three copies in custodial storage.

Cc: Bill Ford, Tim McGraw and Lee Mezza and the Ford Payroll Department, Dearborn