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 Catholic Culture Conference Inspires Church Militant

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Many large families, dozens of young adults

and even some traditional Catholic 'pioneers'

packed the lecture hall in St. Paul. (Photos by J.Vennari)

A unique Catholic Cultural conference was held by The Remnant in St Paul Minnesota the weekend of September 23, 2006.

The theme was Militant Catholicism vs. the Culture of Anti-Christ. Its purpose was to spotlight the fact that Catholics who wish to maintain the Catholic Faith for themselves and their families need also to withdraw from the popular culture.

The Tridentine mass is not enough. Home schooling is not enough. The popular culture is anti-Christ in its foundation, in its program and in its effects. Catholics need to be aware of the many aspects of this truth and resist the pop culture for their own souls and for the good of their families.

Michael Matt, Editor of The Remnant, and John Vennari, Editor of Catholic Family News, kicked off the event with an explanation of the conference’s purpose. Both men emphasized that we must withdraw from many aspects of today’s pop culture, and we must also fill the void not only with prayer and spiritual readings, but with good friendships, good music, good family activities, good recreations.

Michael Matt expanded these points at length in his first talk, “Pop Culture, Brainwashing Machine of the New World Order”. This was an impassioned explanation of how incompatible are the goals and trends of the pop culture with Catholicism, and challenges Catholics not to compromise with those forces that loath Our Lord and His Church.


Scott Jones (r) at the Culture Conference, pictured here

 with Angelus associate editor, James Vogel

Mr. Scott Jones, head of Our Lady of Victory Home School, delivered a beautiful presentation entitled “Teaching in the Catacombs: Home Schooling Solutions.” Here, Mr. Jones emphasized the all important role of the father of the family whom the children must look to for decision-making. The father must be the steadfast example of piety and seriousness about the Catholic Faith.

John Vennari spoke on “The Mystery of Iniquity and Fusion Catholicism”, in which he pointed out that the “Mystery of Iniquity” spoken of by Saint Paul is the evil power of which the Antichrist will be the public exponent and champion. Modern churchmen and modern Catholics now “dialogue” with this iniquity and adopt its mannerisms rather than fight it. This is made evident in the “Catholic” Charismatic movement, and found particularly at Charismatic gatherings at Franciscan University at Steubenville.

Fr. McDonald offers Mass

Father Paul MacDonald spoke on “Pursuing Sanctity in an MTV World” in which he explained the need to empty ourselves of the dregs of popular culture that have accumulated within us. He quotes Pope Saint Pius X who exhorted parents to beware of today’s “atmosphere of unbelief” which “wages war upon any idea of a higher authority [than man], any idea of God, or revelation, of the life to come and of mortification in this life”.

A powerful keynote address was delivered by Dr. David Allen White entitled “La Comedia e Finita (The Comedy is Finished).” Taking his cue from the bloody conclusion of the opera Pagliacii, Dr. White explains that modern man is reveling in what he thinks is mere entertainment and farce, but what is in reality blood and death. Dr. White urges us to sober up and realize how the world plunges closer and closer to Divine Chastisement. Indeed, if we are honest, we will admit that the comedy is finished.

Dr. David White brings down the house at the banquet

John Vennari gave a second presentation, this one entitled “The Cult of the Teenager and World Youth Day.” The bulk of his talk centered on the modern phenomenon of “teenager”, and the fact that the modern “teenager” is an artificial construction. In fact, the first time the word “teenager” appeared was in 1941. The entire “teen culture” is the product of corporate America targeting teens for profit. He then spoke of the tragedy that World Youth Day caters to this earthy, rock ‘n’ roll construct rather than pull the adolescent out of this immature, artificial world.

Christopher Ferrara on the real roots of MTV

Christopher Ferrara spoke on “Hobbes, Locke and MTV: The Connection”. This is one of the finest explanations of the fact that the United States of America is not actually founded on Christian principles but on the flawed, subjectivist philosophies of Hobbes and Locke. Understanding how these philosophies work gives a keen insight into the end product of these philosophies, which is the modern, pop-culture where practically everyone does only what he pleases. A fascinating and easy-to-understand presentation.

A Roundtable Discussion: “Looking to the Future” closed the conference in which the speakers gave concrete suggestions of how to fill one’s life with good music, recreations and activities that will make one’s lifestyle more resonant with the Gospel and the Church. 

“Chivalry Revisited: Raising Soldiers of Christ” was the title of the talk delivered by Father McMahon. He emphasized the three D’s in education:  Discipline, Duty and Difficulty. This talk is enormously helpful to orient young people and adults towards an ordered life centered on Christ and His Church that will indeed raise soldiers of Christ for the Church Militant.


Duty, Discipline and Difficulty--

Fr. McMahon rallies the troops!

Of the conference, Michael Matt said, “It would be difficult for me to exaggerate the success of The Remnant’s Catholic Culture Conference held here in St. Paul on September 23.  Though we’d decided only at the last minute to organize the event, the hall was nevertheless filled to capacity and the good spirit throughout the weekend was inspirational!”

“I would encourage readers to order a set of recordings from the Conference.” said Mr. Matt. “If you, like us, are concerned about the MTV culture’s pervasive influence over traditional Catholic young adults, or the soul-robbing movie industry, or the omni-present threat of televised indoctrination; if you know in your heart that there’s something terribly wrong with World Youth Day and all the other modernist initiatives which seek to brainwash Catholic young people into “MTVing” their spiritual lives—then you’ll not be disappointed.”

Attendees Respond

Below are comments from three who attended the conference:

“I want to thank you for the wonderful information filled weekend at the Catholic Culture Conference in St. Paul. The Speakers were inspiring and elevating to us folks that are in the trenches daily. The ammunition and holy subject matter will stay with me for a long time to come and also become a great source of reference.

“I am sure that Michael Davies was looking down with loving approval. The requiem mass offered for him Saturday by Fr McDonald was beautiful and tear-filled.

“I was very honored to be able to participate in this holy, inspiring event and encourage you to go forward with your suggestion to do this on a yearly schedule.

“God bless you and your wonderful family that was at the conference for setting such a great example for us to follow.”- K. Winkler, Tomball, TX

“I'd like to thank you for the very "meaty" Remnant Culture Conference which I am still ‘digesting’.”  - R. Slemmer, Winona, MN

“I’ve never been to a traditional Catholic conference that was more spot on when it comes to real problems that real families deal with every day.  As a home school dad, I was encouraged in the fight and feel completely armed for the battle.  Thank you!” - C. Meyers, St. Louis, MO

How to Order the Lectures

All of the lectures are available on both audio cassette and audio CD from The Remnant for $8.00 each. The entire set of nine lectures are available for $75.00 (Please add $2.50 shipping and handling for all orders):

1) “Pop Culture: Brainwashing Machine of the New World Order”, Michael Matt

2) “The Mystery of Iniquity and Fusion Catholicism”, John Vennari

3) “Teaching in the Catacombs: Home School Solutions”, Scott Jones

4) “Pursuing Sanctity in an MTV World”, Father Paul MacDonald (this recording also contains introductory remarks by Michael Matt and John Vennari)

4) La Comedia e Finite (the Comedy is Finished)”, Dr. David Allen White

6) “Hobbes, Locke & MTV: The Connection”, Christopher Ferrara

7) “Chivalry Revisited: Raising Soldiers of Christ”, Father Michael McMahon

8) “The Cult of the Teenager and World Youth Day”, John Vennari

9) “Speakers Roundtable: Looking to the Future”

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