Ecumenism's Ongoing Assault on Revealed Truth
Time to Abandon the Madness?

Robert K. Dahl

"Bishop" Katharine Jeffers Schori

and another gal who likes to play dress-up

(POSTED 11/27/06 The New Order “Ecumenism” of Vatican II seems to be running its ridiculous course to eventual oblivion.  Helping this along is the American (Protestant) Episcopal Church’s slide away from its traditional Anglican roots.  This is evident by its recent election of a radical feminist and sexual libertarian, Katharine Jefferts Schori, as Presiding Bishop of the U.S. Episcopal Church. 

Very determined to make her mark, hitting the ground running, as it were, she immediately styles herself as “Most Reverend”—as opposed to the regular Episcopal bishop’s title, “Right Reverend”.  And she favors the title “Primate Bishop”, rather than the regular Episcopal title, “Presiding Bishop”. 

Adopting Roman Catholic titles, however, does not indicate an “ecumenical” urge on her part toward any kind of reunion with the ancient Catholic faith.  Exactly the opposite is her goal of melding what is left of Christian doctrine in Anglicanism to the New Order’s syncretism of indifference.  While she must hold Jesus as Divine, she boldly states that there are many routes to God other than those posed in the New Testament.  Jesus’ evangelistic command to go forth and teach all peoples in His name is thereby nullified.  His uncompromising word that man must be either with Him or against Him, is ignored. 

She is quoted in The Washington Post (Nov. 4 & 5) stating that she does not want to disguise her theology—which promotes feminism, openly “gay” bishops and blessing same-sex “marriage”. 

As for her idea of ecumenism: “If we insist we know the one way to God, we’re putting God in a very small box”, and “You have to be willing and excited about adventuring, going where no one’s gone before”.  Also, “Our mother Jesus gives birth to a new creation”! 

This is the New Age Christianity, which like the Illuminists use Jesus, but minimize His august place in the Holy Trinity. News reports clearly indicate that “Most Reverend” Katherine Schori is well aware that her radical ideas of neo-Christianism are causing open breaches in the Episcopal Church that approach schism.  Her attitude is best expressed this way:  “Get over it!  This is the way it’s going to be!”

At the same time, after a visit to the Archbishop of Canterbury, she has agreed to cool-down her agenda for a while in order to give traditionalists time to adjust.  She claims to realize that some compromise is necessary, but fails to explain how these opposing positions can be melded together.  Logically, such “compromise” is really impossible, and all the more so given her determination to trash traditional Anglicanism.  Clearly, she does not recognize “compromise” as anything other than a clever way to disguise her strange objectives.

The great question arises, then:  How will Pope Benedict XVI view this type of “ecumenism”? Let’s hope and pray we will not be subjected to another “ring-exchange” along the lines of Pope Paul VI’s infamous exchanging of his Apostolic Ring for that worn by the schismatic Archbishop of Canterbury. 

As all branches of Christianity disintegrate before our eyes, with open denial of Apostolic doctrine, is it not past time to dismantle neo-ecumenism as a failed dream that insults the Holy Name?