League Praises Pro-Life Maine Catholic Democrat Legislator

Mike Hein
Christian Civic League of Maine



(Submitted to The Remnant by the author)

The Christian Civic League of Maine's President of the Board of Directors, Rev. Dallas E. Henry, praised freshman Democrat State Representative Mark Paul Samson this week in response to Rep. Samson's pro-life written testimony.  The public document was submitted by Rep. Samson recently at a public hearing on LD 1309, "An Act to Provide Equity in Funding Women's Health Services," commonly referred to as Maine's abortion public funding bill.

"Why would an evangelical, social conservative like me vote for a Democrat?" Pastor Henry asked rhetorically, "because of fine young men of faith like Mark Paul Samson."  Pastor Henry went on to remark, "I am disappointed with the fact that the few pro-life lawmakers we do have in Augusta did not oppose the bill in writing.  This bill, if passed, will be responsible for the killing of innocent babies."

"I applaud the bravery of Representative Samson, who had the courage to stand up openly to his own immoral political party platform, to stand up publicly to his own political party’s legislative leaders, and speak for the most innocent and the least in our society: the unborn.  I could vote for a man of courage and principle like that.  His bravery is impressive," concluded Pastor Henry.

None of the seven pro-life Maine Republican legislators who attended the pro-life rally on the day of the bill's public hearing submitted written testimony to the Health and Human Services Committee.  Only one provided verbal pro-life testimony to the committee.  Rep. Samson's testimony is the only written testimony in opposition to the abortion bill.

Rep. Samson's letter reads in part:  "A large number of voters in the State of Maine are opposed to the practice of abortion, and an even greater number are absolutely opposed to using our limited tax funds to pay for abortion.  I count myself among those who are opposed to abortion and opposed to using tax money to fund abortion."

Rep Samson can be reached at House of Representatives, 2 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04433-0002, (207) 287-1400 and 34 Musket Drive, Auburn, ME 04210, (207) 783-9971