Goodbye, Fourth of July
A Veteran of Iwo Jima Remembers America

Robert K. Dahl

(Posted July 3, 2007,  The current Congressional Immigration Reform Bill is about to be rammed through in defiance of the overwhelming opposition of the American people.  I wonder how long it will be before the 4th-of-July national holiday becomes entirely superfluous, and in time replaced by multiple foreign ethnic and sectarian holidays.

This betrayal of American nationhood is already underway by excessive immigration of non-assimilable hoards of invaders, both legal and illegal, Green-card, Z-card, whatever.   At the borders and airports, enforcement of immigration law is virtually non-existent, thanks to gross governmental indifference under the connivance of both political parties.

There is more here than meets the eye.  It's not just a humanitarian effort to "bring the poor illegals out of the shadows" and award themŚjust once moreŚwith irregular citizenship.  Behind the scenes, the even more disastrous objective of such sleeper legislation is to use it as a step toward imposition of a "North American Union" (on the model of the European Union's free-flow immigration).  Christendom will diminish while mosques rise everywhere, the ultimate objective being the age-old quest for world power.

Phyllis Schlafly of St. Louis' Eagle Forum reported on a preliminary agreement on "North American Integration" made by President Bush, Mexican President Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Martin, in Crawford and Waco, Texas, March 23, 2005, aimed at eventual regional political union, in effect erasing meaningful borders with free-flow immigration and so-called "free trade".  A follow-up meeting of high-level delegations from the three countries met secretly in the famous Canadian resort in Banff, Alberta, September 2006, to advance eventual union.  This is the new "guided democracy" of secrecy.

President Bush recently made this flippant remark: "We're a nation of immigrants, and we must uphold that tradition."  Nowhere in the Constitution is such ambiguous nonsense found.  Such trite slogans might seem relevant to 1707, 1807, or even 1907, but with frontiers now filled, certainly not 2007.  Where does President Bush get this propaganda?  From the Yale secret "Skull and Bones"?  The Bush clan for several generations has been "international," in close concert with the very elite and private Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a Morgan-Rockefeller front which presumes to "guide" American policy.  Since 1921 their policy supports virtual elimination of national borders through "free trade" and free-flow immigration; reiterated in a recent article in their publication, "Foreign Affairs."  To them population diversity and multi-culturalism are tools for this international agenda of diminishing nationalism.

It's the same in the "European Union", which has largely lost any sense of nationhood through toleration of abortion and free-flow immigration to fill this void.  The last Trafalgar Day celebration in London drew six persons.  Such indifference marks the eventual doom of Britain's traditional culture.  Can it be different here?

As one who spent 16 horrible days in the battle of Iwo Jima (1945), I wonder what the 6,812 Marines who died there, and the 19,189 Marines wounded there, would think of our disgusting political leaders telling us today, in effect, that our Constitution is "outmoded", and national sovereignty therefore expendable in some futile quest for global Utopia.  Our military fought and died in World War II supposedly for preservation of this countryŚwhich is now about to be converted through de facto free-flow immigration into a "New Order" regional sub-nation lacking real sovereignty.  My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  My father fought in both World Wars.  All volunteers, one brother was wounded in Guam, 1944, and another brother wounded in Korea, 1952.  I participated in six major battles, 1942-45, and spent 44 months overseas WW-2, plus 39 months post-war overseas, supposedly serving a sovereign nation.

Now we are insulted by well-heeled, self-serving politicians, most of whom have no military service, secretly planning to give away national sovereigntyŚlike they gave away the Panama Canal (now operated by Chinese).  And they call us "bigots", "racists", "neo-minute-men", and "purveyors of hate".  But we know who the real haters areŚCongressional free-loaders feeding on the public payroll; and we know what they hateŚnational loyalty and patriotism. 

Will we stand aside, or will we resist? See you at the polls!