Leftist Hate Group Assaults Catholic Assembly in Argentina

Mark Alessio

Life Site News reports (Oct. 18, 2007) that “a pro-abortion march by angry feminists in the Argentine city of Cordoba became the scene of religious harassment last Sunday as demonstrators assaulted a peaceful group of Catholics praying in front of the Cathedral”:

The feminists, who were participating in the Twenty-Second Annual National Women's Encounter, erupted into a frenzy of obscenity and violence, throwing trash and screaming epithets at the counter-demonstrators, who stood on the steps of the Cathedral with a banner over their heads that read "Cordoba Defends Life," and depicted a baby's hand.

As the peaceful Catholic contingency stood fast and prayed the Rosary on the cathedral steps, the feminist marchers “embraced each other sexually and removed their shirts and pants, exposing their genitals and chanting obscene slogans.” They also hurled bags filled with red paint against the cathedral.

According to an eyewitness identified only as “Juana” by the press, the violence at the cathedral was instigated by Suzana "Suzy" Carannza, a National Women's Encounter organizer. Juana received a black eye during the melee. The Argentine news agency, Nova, reported that Suzy Carannza was also involved in violent assaults at the Encounter itself, where she went “from workshop to workshop with a gang of muscular women, threatening and assaulting Catholics who dissent from her views on abortion and contraception with blows, kicks, and shoving’.”

According to Emilio Nazar of Nova, attendees of the Twenty-Second Annual National Women's Encounter said of the event, “Violence has been the mark of the event’s two days. Attempts were made to forcefully expel Catholic women, and at workshops held below ground where there were few exits, women were hit on their shoulders, backs and legs.”

The Catholic News Agency reports (Oct. 16, 2007) that, on the last day of the Encounter, feminist activists marched to the Cathedral of Cordoba to vandalize the church with pro-abortion graffiti, causing damage to several businesses along the way. It was there that they assaulted the group of Catholics praying the Rosary.

Emilio Nazar of the Nova news agency concluded that "this year's Women's Encounter in Cordoba gave evidence that the organizers are nothing more than an illicit association with the objective of aggressing against the dignity of the human person and creating insulting, discriminatory slogans against Catholicism and against anyone who is Catholic, with the excuse of 'women's rights'."

Comment: According to the Catholic News Agency (CNA), the Twenty-Second Annual National Women's Encounter was hyped as “an opportunity to discuss poverty, education, unions, globalization, external debt, and social and religious problems.” Lofty (and trendy) goals, eh? And the activists behind the Encounter were so passionate about these goals that they “embraced each other sexually and removed their shirts and pants, exposing their genitals and chanting obscene slogans” in front of the Cathedral of Cordoba?

Hardly. Someone who actually loses sleep over world poverty, debt forgiveness or educational standards does not hop around in public with no pants on, screaming obscenities. That is the modus operandi of the village idiot, the angry town drunk or the mentally deranged, not the genuinely motivated social activist.

The CNA rightly observed that, although the above listed fashionable (and sometimes relevant) causes were listed as the National Women's Encounter area of concern, in reality “the workshops were predominantly about abortion and homosexuality.” And it makes you wonder: Can someone aggressively champion these agendas without eventually losing his (or her) mind? The mounting evidence suggests not.

Remember what happened at the Promise Keepers conference in Fort Lauderdale in August, 2006? Police Sgt. Stephen Allen threatened members who were petitioning for a state constitutional marriage amendment and ordered the volunteers to stop accepting signatures. As other officers removed the petitions, two male officers began kissing each other in front of the Peace Keeper volunteers.

Remember the recent death threats made against Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, leader of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, because of the Catholic Church’s stance against “gay civil unions?”

Remember the assault this past August by homosexual activists against the Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays group at the Arlington County Fair, during which the activists knocked materials off display tables while (of course) shouting obscenities?

How about September’s homosexual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, a celebration of blatant sado-masochism, photos of which make Fellini’s Satyricon look like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood? Here were scantily-clad adults whipping each other, spanking each other and driving hooks into each other. According to the San Francisco Chronicle (Oct. 1, 2007).  “People paid money to be flogged in front of crowds of onlookers” as “one man looked like he was crying, and red lash marks covered his back.” Meanwhile a man with a microphone, who was trying to round up candidates for flogging, exclaimed, "Lovely start to a Sunday afternoon!"

This event was partially funded by the taxpayers and tourists of San Francisco.

And now, in Argentina, lesbian/feminist activists remove their clothes and (of course) chant obscene slogans.

Are these the actions of rational, “concerned” adults, or the sometimes dangerous rages of disturbed individuals, people who are trapped in a world whose entire raison d’etre is a kind of twisted, juvenile sexual mania, and who are livid because everyone else will not validate such a parody of normal adult existence?

One other point needs to made: When “Juana,” the girl who received a black eye during the violence in front of the Cordoba Cathedral, attempted to file a police report of the incident, she was told, "if it hurts, go to a doctor, I have a lot of work to do.” The officer then told a reporter accompanying the girl, "I decide what is a crime and what isn't."

Police departments acting as “muscle” for the often-related abortion/homosexual agendas is a worldwide phenomenon, and when any group endowed with authority over the public becomes a lapdog for socially destructive forces, it is the honest taxpayer and his children who will ultimately suffer the consequences. Recall that, in January of 2006, Britain’s Daily Mail (UK) reported that the Organizers of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History Month received the support of Scotland Yard to teach children that famous historical figures were “gay” and to study sexual swear words. In fact, London’s Metropolitan Police Authority donated £3,125 (approximately $5,500.00) to the project.

I decide what is a crime and what isn't. That is the battle-cry of the fledgling dictator, the very sort who would like to see those pesky Christians “taken care of” by the likes of Suzy Carannza and her Amazon thugs.


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