The Traditional Mass Comes to Prison

A Prisoner's Testimony

Michael Fuller #486737



(Posted March 25, 2008 A great accomplishment was made for the counter-revolution in the Church this past Christmas.  Prisoners were allowed to attend a traditional Mass in the Prison Chapel on Christmas Eve.

For the past year now, a good priest from the Society of St. Pius X Seminary in Winona, Minnesota has been visiting the prison monthly and bringing the Sacraments to prisoners.  But we have not had a Traditional Mass. We have been requesting one for nearly a year now, but the authorities had been reluctant to grant our request.

When the Motu Proprio was released last summer, we again asked for a Traditional Mass, believing we had a basis for our request.  The prison staff referred me to the diocesan priest that offers services at the prison, in order to obtain approval for a Traditional Mass so as not to appear “divisive”. The diocesan priest claims the prison is under his parish jurisdiction and he is opposed to any notion of a Traditional Mass.

I should explain how it is here in this prison.  Incentives are put in place for prisoners to officially list their religion is Paganism, but once stated they cannot change their religion on the form for at least six months, and so are obliged to remain identified as pagan, wiccans, etc. 

Satanists are allowed to specially purchase items, such as mirrors and frankincense that regular Christian prisoners are not allowed to posses.  Catholics are not allowed to have water that has been blessed by a priest, or scapulars.  In drug treatment courses, prisoners are coerced to meditate as Buddhists do with a Buddhist monk in his Buddhist garb, as onlookers pass by.  This same Buddhist monk is a prison chaplain who also appeared to not favor the idea of a Traditional Mass.

But this year there was a Traditional Mass allowed in this prison on Christmas Eve, and about 35 or 40 prisoners were thus acquainted with traditional Catholicism. 

The crisis of Modernism in the Church is real.  Come to a prison “Catholic” Bible Study and you’ll lose count of the number of heresies being taught by the “experts”. On that night, however, as we celebrated the birth of the Redeemer of mankind, the reality of Hell was reaffirmed by our priest and the errors of modern thought, the Reformation, and Liberation Theology were thrust back into the abyss where they belong, as adoration and worship were given to God in the Perpetual Sacrifice of the Latin Mass.  Just guessing, I would say that this was the first time in forty years that the Latin Mass was offered in this diocese.

Because the diocesan priest has been temporarily removed from this institution, a Latin Mass was made possible.  The Protestant prison chaplain is even discussing the possibility of allowing a Latin Mass every month when the priest from Winona visits.

Please pray that the Traditional Mass is restored to our prison and throughout the whole world.

Ecclesiam Catholicam invictus est,

Michael Fuller #486737

Black River Falls, WI 54615