Rao, Ferrara & Matt in New York

Press Release
November 11, 2006

The Roman Forum Fall Seminar

Saturday, November 11, 2006

9:30 A.M.—4:00 P.M.


Catholics on the Global Auction Block

Many influential French Catholic clerics during the French Revolution—the Non-Jurors—refused to take the oath of loyalty to the Civil Constitution of the Clergy. Many influential American Catholics today, both cleric and lay, are Jurors. They voluntarily and enthusiastically swear fealty to the Enlightenment, Americanism and their current global anti-Catholic ideological and materialist demands--even without direct threat to life and limb. Why? What does this portend for the future of Catholicism? Can we liberate ourselves from a tragic self-enslavement to global secularism?

Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq.: Author and President of ACLA

“Uncle Tom’s Catholics” & the Selling of the Church to Americanism

Michael J. Matt: Editor of The Remnant

Juring Patriots: The Systematic Conversion of American Catholics into Virtual Freemasons

John C. Rao, D.Phil.: Chairman, The Roman Forum

The Mythology, Rhetoric and Strategy of Catholic Submission:

Sacred Emperors, Sacred Founders, Sacred Democracy

 & Fraudulent Separation of Church and State

The Catholic Center at New York University

238 Thompson Street, off Washington Square South

A, B, C, D, E, F, V trains to West 4th Street; #6 train to Bleecker Street

Reservation fee of $20 (mail to Roman Forum, 11 Carmine St., Apt. 2C, New York, NY 10014) includes cold lunch with wine and soft drinks. $10 entrance fee at the door for conference only. For further information please contact the Roman Forum ([email protected] or 212-645-2971).

The Roman Forum

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