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History of The Remnant

Back in 1967, two years before the promulgation of the New Mass, Walter L. Matt (the long-time editor of the oldest Catholic weekly in the United States, The Wanderer) saw the "Spirit of Vatican II" moving in to wreak havoc on the Mass, the Sacraments, and the traditions of the Catholic Faith.

Walter Matt's reaction to what he saw took the form of a Catholic newspaper called The Remnant.

Thirty-four years later, The Remnant is still going strong as the leading journal of the counterrevolution, which seeks to restore the traditions of the Church to their rightful place and honor in the Church--especially the Latin Tridentine Mass.

Over the long and lonely years after the close of the Council, Mr. Matt took the unpopular and uncompromising stand in favor of Catholic tradition and against the modernization of the Church.

His Remnant stood strong against Modernism, Liberalism and Secularism, while it worked especially hard for the return of the Latin Mass-- this in an era when such "backward" thinking was anything but popular.

Long before there was an "Indult Mass" (which, of course, is the term used to describe the Tridentine Masses that were brought back into Catholic parishes in 1984 and in 1988 by order of Pope John Paul II), The Remnant was battling for the complete restoration of the Latin Mass, as well as for the defense of the traditional catechisms and teachings of the Church.

At that time there was no Fraternity of St. Peter, Institute of Christ the King, or Society of St. Pius X to fall back on--The Remnant was virtually alone in the U.S.

Mr. Matt took this stand during a time in his life when, financially speaking, he could least afford to do so-- when he left The Wanderer to found The Remnant, he was the father of seven children.

I think that few would deny that it took great courage to do what he did, and yet his love for the Church and for her ancient liturgy was stronger than all else. He trusted in God and forged ahead into the uncertainty and darkness of the infant traditional Catholic movement.

He did have friends and allies, however, and together they all built a movement which today is stronger than ever; it is supported by priestly fraternities, several monthly magazines, countless newsletters, Web pages, and hundreds of traditional Catholic groups all over the U.S. and Canada.

Over the years, The Remnant has worked closely with such notables as Michael Davies, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Fr. Vincent Miceli, S.J., Hamish Fraser, Solange Hertz, Malachi Martin, and so many other great defenders of traditional Catholicism, to bring about a halt to the liturgical revolution in the Church, which came to an unfortunate head in the 1960s and 1970s.

Walter Matt's Remnant is the most recent in a long line of Catholic journalistic endeavors carried out by the Matt family in the United States. The Matt family's history of lay Catholic journalism can be traced back to the late 1860s when the German Wanderer was launched by Walter Matt's grandfather.

The English-language Wanderer was begun by Mr. Matt's own father, Joseph Matt, K.S.G., in the 1930s, and is presently edited by Mr. Matt's nephew, A.J. Matt, Jr. Walter Matt went to his eternal reward on April 21, 2002.

The Remnant is now edited by Mr. Matt's youngest son, Michael J. Matt. The Remnant has been fighting for the Restoration of all things in Christ -- both in the Church and in the State-- for many years, and it will continue (God willing) to do so for many years to come.

If you are not already a subscriber to The Remnant, it is our hope and our prayer that you will join us, and thus become a part of the oldest and strongest voice in traditional Catholicism in America.

We plan to go forward with enthusiasm for the one, true Faith, and not to succumb to the Modernist onslaught against the traditions of the Catholic Church-- come what may.

Join the Resistance!


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