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From our friends at Gloria TV:

The Austrian philosopher Thomas Stark analyzes in a recent panel discussion in Vienna the base of modern theological errors. The panel was organized by "Una Voce Austria". A video is here: "There are sinister ideologies underlying the New Mass"

Erroneous Trio: Mentality of Change - Evolutionism - Gnosticism

Stark points to a recent interview of the new General of the Jesuits, Arturo Soza. He suggested to reinterpret the words of Jesus according to a changing language, context and culture. Stark summarized this position as the following mentality: "Things always change. We don't know what our Lord really said. It all depends on several changing contexts."

The ideological layer behind the described mentality is for Stark evolutionism: History is - in nature and in society - seen as an uprising development , that makes things - always and automatically - better and better.

Stark sees underneath the mentality of change and the ideology of evolution another deeper layer: the metaphysics of Gnosticism: "It says in its core, that not only the world is developing, but that the Absolute in itself develops by flowing into its own creation."

Three views of the world: Heathendom, Christendom or Gnosticism

In Gnosticism the Divine cause of everything develops itself by the evolution of nature and culture: "The gnostic metaphysics has been constructed at the same time, when the Catholic Church started to lay down her theological foundation by means of Greek philosophy - in the second century." READ MORE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: Professor Stark--perhaps the premier traditional Catholic intellectual in Austria today--is an old and dear friend of The Remnant.  Please read this article, and then watch the video. Few Catholics in Europe today understand better the truly gnostic nature of the heresy of Cardinal Kasper. If you want to know Kasper and, by extension, Francis, study the work of Professor Thomas Stark.


With the Shrine's New Masses all celebrated ad orientem and the TLM no stranger inside of her walls (several high-profile Traditional Latin Masses having taken place here already) -- 

--this is one of the bright spots in the post-conciliar Church. Please God, may it continue to advance in the direction of traditional Catholic restoration -- the only hope of the whole world.

President Trump built on his rapidly-developing legacy of rolling back U.S. federal support for abortion last Thursday, signing a bill that invalidates an executive order his predecessor rolled out in the last moments of his presidency.

Trump signed into law an express provision allowing states to strip Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics of family planning money under Title X.

In the final days of his administration, President Obama developed a new rule that made it nearly impossible for state legislators to withhold federal family planning funds from any group that provides services related to pregnancy care, contraception, or STDs, regardless of whether or not they provided abortions.

In March the Senate used Vice President Mike Pence to cast the tie-breaking vote and overturn the rule. READ MORE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: As The Remnant pointed out again and again before the election, a Trump Administration is going to be a mixed bag. There are plenty of uncertainties and even reasons to be concerned right now, but some good things are happening, as well, and this is certainly one of them.   

Trump is making good on promises he made to pro-lifers. And, since abortion ranks among the most important moral issues of the day (calling to heaven for vengeance against our nation)—the unrestrained sacrificing of America's unborn to the god Moloch—this is not insignificant, either as we see it or in the eyes of God.  

What's next? God only knows, but in a world drunk on the blood of the innocent, we can thank God for these measures which, if nothing else, remind the world that not every American is a baby-killing, sex-changing, drug addicted citizen of Oceania.  Decent American people voted for Trump, and his overturning of Obama's protections for the evil Planned Parenthood helps them remember why. 


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