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Friday, February 20, 2015

February 20, 2015

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Michael J. Matt From the Editor’s Desk: Michael Voris and the New Thought Crimes.  Stalinism physically, morally and psychologically crippled the peoples of the Soviet Union, reducing whole nations to emotionally traumatized casualties of terror, who survived by becoming introverts who said and indeed thought nothing against the regime, or who were reduced to playing the part of informer, turning friends and neighbors in to “big brother. Does the history of the USSR tell us anything about the future of the USA?

Christopher A. Ferrara A New Stage in the Neo-Catholic Witch Hunt: Recently it seems the neo-Catholic spokesmen are heedless of the manner in which their continuing witch hunt of traditionalists is playing into a dynamic of persecution. Case in point: Karl Keating.

Elizabeth Yore Je Suis CatholiqueWill the terrorist massacres of Charlie Hebdo bring France back to its knees?

Silvio Cardinal Antoniano In Praise of Lenten Fasting, Even for children 

Fr. Ladis Cizik Traditional Catholic Apologetics: THE LATIN MASS 101: Sermon to Frist-Time Attendees

Robert L. Kinney III Internal vs. External Homosexual Acts: And Important Distinction---and one that Cardinal Dolan misses completely. (Just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade)

Fr. Brian Harrison Debating the Relevant Issues: Can Some Protestants be Saved? (Taking Issue with John Salza)

Peter Wilders The Two Bullets: The Churchs Magisterial teaching is the infallible explanation of Divine Revelation. Attempting to change it, or to give it a meaning other than that intended by the Popes and Council fathers who formulated it, represents rebellion against God.  

Great Catholics of the Past  Who was Cardinal Antoniano? Hint: He served two great saints

Pope-Paul-VI-Fr -Fitzgerald
Father Celatus 
The Last Word: Who is this man and why didn’t Pope Paul VI listen to him?  

The Remnant Speaks Father Anonymous: ‘I’m Afraid of Pope Francis’; Marriage Under Attack in Rome; Taking Issue with Mr. Cullen; Fifty Shades of Evil; A Remnant Reader in Japan explain how The Remnant impacted his life; A Seminarian defends his diocesan seminary, says Tradition is making a comeback; The Remnant Tours’ Pilgrimage sells out, and the last two young pilgrims appeal for help

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