Will Somebody Stop Him, Please!
Scott Hahn Markets New “Evangelical” Mysteries of the Rosary

Will he give us an 11th Commandment, too?

(www.RemnantNewspaper.com) EWTN superstar Scott (“Adam Sinned Before Eve” and the “Holy Spirit is Bridal and Maternal”) Hahn has expanded his theological product line with a new set of mysteries for the Rosary.

You can purchase this exciting new product at the website of St. Joseph Communications, the leading supplier of all things Hahn.

According to the breathless promotional blurb (not a parody, it is really there at http://www.saintjoe.com/p/prod_desc.pl?id=A238.html)—

Now for the first time, you can enter into this deeply contemplative Christian prayer along with one of the most influential converts of our time as renowned theologian and best-selling Catholic author Dr. Scott Hahn leads The Most Holy Rosary….  

But that’s not all. Along with the well known Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries, Dr. Hahn also shares a deeply profound meditation on important episodes from the ministry of Our Lord from his own personal Rosary devotion. Scott calls them the five “Evangelical Mysteries” and sincerely hopes they will become for you a blessed addition to your active prayer life.

Yes, for only $16.95 (CD) or $14.95 (audio cassette) you can purchase this blessed addition to your prayer life—five brand new mysteries of the Rosary designed just for you… by Scott Hahn!!!!!!!!!!!

The Remnant suggests the following additional ad copy that St. Joseph’s Communications can use free of charge:

Order now, and Scott will send you, without additional charge, the eighth sacrament, which Scott recently discovered during his profound and ever-more-surprising study of the New Testament and the early Church Fathers.  You will be amazed at the graces this new sacrament will obtain for you and your loved ones!

You might expect to pay hundreds of dollars for this spiritual value in stores.  But it’s all yours—Scott leading the Rosary, Scott’s personal meditations, the five new mysteries, and the eighth sacrament—for only $16.95 on CD or $14.95 on audiocassette, if you order now!

At this point in the death spiral of the Novus Ordo establishment, all we can do is laugh.