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Tax-Funded Cover for Pedophiles?

While feigning outrage at the Catholic Church, there’s a massive

abuse scandal the mainstream media refuse to talk about. Why?

By Oliver Sykes

(Posted 4/15/2010 The Kinsey Institute at publicly-funded Indiana University recently announced it had received a $423,500 grant from the federal government to study why men don’t like using condoms. While the answer is obvious to most men condoms are un-natural and contrary to God’s law what is less obvious is why the research-flawed and potentially criminal Kinsey Institute should receive any taxpayer money.

It should instead be investigated by the Department of Justice, for some of its former senior staff and researchers over the years have disclosed in print and on video that the Institute corresponded with pedophiles in gathering its so-called research data; reportedly did not contact authorities about the apparent criminal activity of the pedophiles; and have threatened to destroy any still-existing pedophile-records if there is an investigation.

Warning: Graphic Content

Further, there is at least one witness alive today who is willing to testify about how her sexually abusive father used her to apparently provide incestuous pedophilia data directly to the Kinsey Institute and its founder Alfred C. Kinsey but those files need to be opened before it is too late.

The media and legal forces have pursued the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church for decades and in most cases rightfully so – sexual offenders should face the law and their victims merit counseling and often compensation for their suffering.  But the same standard should apply to secular institutions that reportedly have not only freely corresponded with practicing pedophiles but also kept their communications a secret.

Much has been written about the pedophile-data acquired by Kinsey and published in his 1948 book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and the 1953 book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Both books launched the sexual revolution and became the reference texts for crafting sex-ed in the public schools.

For details on the pedophilia issue, see James H. Jones biography, Alfred C. Kinsey: A Life,  and Judith Reisman’s Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences, and the British documentary, “Secret History: Kinsey’s Paedophiles.”

For information about the alleged criminal activity engaged in by Alfred Kinsey and some of the people who worked with him beyond the information available in the books cited – it is easiest just to quote them.

Paul Gebhard was one of Kinsey’s senior research assistants and, after the latter’s death, he worked as the director of the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, Ind., from 1956 to 1982. The Institute is on the campus of Indiana University. Gebhard is still alive. He has confirmed that the Kinsey Institute obtained some of its pedophilia data from Dr. Fritz von Balluseck, a German and former Nazi Party official who was tried in 1957 in Germany for the murder of a child.

As recorded in the British documentary “Kinsey’s Paedophiles” and Reisman’s Crimes & Consequences, Gebhard said: Kinsey “wrote him [Balluseck] questions in the letter and they carried on quite a correspondence …. Police [seeking a child murderer] went through his possessions … found his correspondence with Kinsey …. They got Interpol …. The FBI put pressure on Kinsey to reveal the guy’s sexual diary. Kinsey said, absolutely not. [T]he poor paedophile … had his reputation destroyed … finally quit corresponding with us.”

The judge presiding over the Balluseck case, Heinrich Berger, as reported in the May 16, 1957 Morgenpost, said: “Instead of answering his sordid letters, the strange American scholar [Kinsey] should rather have made sure that Mister von Balluseck was put behind bars.”

During the trial, Berger said to Balluseck: “I had the impression that you got the children in order to impress Kinsey and to deliver him material.” To which Balluseck said, “Kinsey himself asked me for that.”

The May 22, 1957, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported: “Dr. Balluseck  … [recorded measurements] of his crimes committed against children between 9 and 14 years old. … in four thick diaries … while in correspondence with the American sexual researcher Kinsey … about his research results which, as he said himself, took place over three decades.”

When asked how the Kinsey Institute found pedophiles to interview, Gebhard said: “That was rather easy. We got them in prisons, a lot of them. We’d go after them … Then there was a paedophilic organization in this country … not incarcerated … they cooperated. …You had one in Britain … a British paedophile organization.” 

So, pedophiles not in prison reportedly “cooperated,” according to Gebhard, with the Kinsey Institute in providing it with information.

Also, as Resiman reports, Gebhard explained in another interview that the Institute got a lot of its reportedly illegal data about pedophilia and “speed of reaching o-----” from one man who had some scientific training. “The other cases were done by parents, at our suggestion, and, let’s see, then there were some that were done by nursery school personnel,” said Gebhard.

“Yes,” it was at our suggestion, said Gebhard. “[W]e would ask them to watch, and take notes, and if possible, time it and report back to us.”

When asked whether it was normal for pedophiles to go around with stop watches timing the o------ of their child-victims, Gebhard said: “Ah, they do if we tell them we’re interested in it.”

When asked about the Kinsey Institute’s correspondence with the Nazi pedophile Balluseck, Gebhard said: “We [were] amoral at best and criminal at worst. … An example of our criminality is our refusal to cooperate with authorities in apprehending a pedophile we had interviewed who was being sought for a [child] sex murder.”

But there were nine men cited by Kinsey himself as having provided pedophilia information and Gebhard also mentioned the “parents” and “nursery school personnel” who gave “data” to the Kinsey Institute. Who are they and how many children did they potentially sexually abuse?

Gebhard also referenced one man with scientific training. All the materials indicate that this man was not Balluseck but the U.S. federal government land surveyor Rex King, who had engaged in hundreds of sexual acts with men, women, children and animals, according to former Kinsey Institute personnel and who was one of Kinsey’s prized sources.

Gebhard, as reported by Reisman, said that King “had sex with men, women, children and animals. … Nursery school people … parents … couldn’t give us the extraordinary detail that [King] did. It was illegal and we knew it was illegal and that’s why a lot of people are furious … they say we should have turned him in instantly. … If we had turned him in, it would have been the end of our research project.”

Biographer James H. Jones writes in Alfred C. Kinsey: A Life,

“Kinsey relied upon [King] for the chapter on childhood sexuality in the male volume. … I don’t have any doubt in my own mind that man [King] wreaked havoc in a lot of lives. Many of his victims were infants and Kinsey in that chapter gives pretty graphic descriptions of their response to what he calls sexual stimulation. If you read those words, what he’s talking about is kids who are screaming. Kids who are protesting in every way they can the fact that their bodies or their persons are being violated.”

Jones further reports that Kinsey offered to pay King’s salary “if he would take a leave from government and pull together his materials.”  Kinsey wrote to King in March 1945: “Certainly you have very much more material than we have in our records.”  Kinsey went on to ask for specific information about o-----  in preadolescent boys.

“This is one of the most valuable things we have ever gotten and I want to thank you most abundantly for the time you put into it and for your willingness to cooperate,” Kinsey wrote to King. “Anyone who is scientifically trained must comprehend how valuable the data are.”

In another letter, Kinsey wrote to King: “I congratulate you on the research spirit which has led you to collect data these many years. … There are difficulties enough in this undertaking to make it highly desirable for all of us who are at work to keep in touch. I hope we keep in touch with you.”

The pedophile Rex King sent Kinsey the materials requested, according to Jones, and there were many other reports sent over the years.  Kinsey wrote to King: “Mrs. Kinsey and I should be glad to entertain you in our home …. Everything that you accumulated must find its way into scientific channels.”

One of Kinsey’s junior staffers, Vincent Nowlis, who was appalled by the child-orgasm data said, according to Jones, that “Kinsey looked upon Mr. X [King] as a ‘hero’ because ‘the guy had the courage and the ingenuity and the sexual energy and the curiosity to have this fantastic multi-year odyssey … and never get caught.’”

Who were King’s victims, Balluseck’s victims, or those of the other pedophiles (among nine) cited by Kinsey? It is reported that the diaries and files and correspondence concerning King and Balluseck apparently are at the Kinsey Institute.

Is there other correspondence by possible practicing criminals on file at the Kinsey Institute and were there other possible cover-ups there, and when?

As reported by Reisman and the documentary “Kinsey’s Paedophiles,” one of Rex King’s victims was “Willey Price,” who, if alive, is in his late 70s now. In 1992, former Kinsey Institute Director Paul Gebhard disclosed, “Most of the cases we don’t have the names of the children, but there are a small number of cases where we do have some names.”

Kinsey’s own book reveals that at least 317 preadolescent boys ages 2 months to 15 years were studied for o-----. Further, Kinsey’s co-author and one of his top assistants, Wardell Pomeroy has confirmed that 1,888 boys ages 5 months to 15 years were observed being stimulated-to-o-----  while “timed with a stop watch,” reported Reisman.

The Kinsey Institute reportedly has the names of pedophilia victims, according to Gebhard, but it apparently will not disclose those names or turn the information over to authorities.

One of Kinsey’s photographers (and reported sex partners) was Clarence Tripp. He disclosed, as reported by Reisman, the importance of talking face-to-face with pedophiles. “There is nothing like going to first sources and photographing, you see,” he said. “I photographed everything in the human animal when we could arrange it. … If the FBI were to come, demand to see our histories, I would destroy them first.”

Tripp disclosed his own sex-experiences with dogs and then revealed, “I got a hold of a German boy prostitute … who I photographed with one of the younger ones. … This is the picture. This would probably be the epitome of child corruption in [Judith] Reisman’s mind. Kinsey had a huge store of films done by myself, Bill Dallenbeck and other people. … Kinsey … would say, ‘Show me,’ or ‘Do you mind if I watch?’ Or, ‘Let me come over.’ … Whenever possible, Kinsey did validate it.”

When asked whether that meant it was possible that Kinsey personally validated some of the pedophilia by Rex King, Tripp said: “Almost always … there is no mention of his observing people. But he did. He wanted to see everything. This is a hands-on scientist … he had to see it to really believe it. … He often had to have these things photographed because he simply didn’t have time. … Kinsey was in the market for everything.”

Another Kinsey biographer is Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy, author of Sex the Measure of All Things: A Life of Alfred C. Kinsey.  Gathorne-Hardy is also interviewed in the documentary “Kinsey’s Paedophiles.”

Gathorne-Hardy states that former Kinsey Institute Director John Bancroft, who is now a senior research fellow at the Institute, allowed him to read and take notes of Kinsey’s reports on pedophilia. As Gathorne-Hardy reports: “[Kinsey] was deeply affected by five paedophilic headmasters who … had … loving relationships with young adolescent boys of 12 or 13. … The reason the Kinsey Institute is so careful … is that … they have … evidence of sexual behaviors that even now are illegal. They are nervous that sons or grandsons will sue them if they let this information out. So they had to be very, very careful that names are not revealed in that way.”

Gathorne-Hardy also reported that Rex King had, as Kinsey’s co-author Wardell Pomeroy disclosed, raped at least 800 people, many of them infants and children.

“Eight or nine typewritten volumes [were] typed up by Kinsey’s wife … prior to 1945, which was, you know, before Kinsey admitted [he had employed King],” said Gathorne-Hardy. “[King] went on having sex with everybody until the end … long after Kinsey got the journals.”

In other words, here is further evidence that the sado-masochistic homosexual Alfred Kinsey, his wife, and possibly some then-staffers at the Institute apparently corresponded with practicing pedophiles beyond what is generally known in the public record about his so-called research.

“Indiana University records confirm that Kinsey did not report Mr. X [Rex King] to authorities,” said Reisman. She also believes that the Institute covered-up sex crimes perpetrated against children.

Also, concerning Kinsey’s extensive correspondence with the Nazi pedophile Balluseck, the U.S. media have largely said nothing and neither has the Kinsey Institute.

Yet today the Kinsey Institute is funded by the public college Indiana University, its corporate earnings, gifts, and grants, including the latest $423,500 grant to study why young men don’t like to use condoms.

The evidence available, attested to by the Kinsey Institute’s own former directors and senior staff members, as well as through solid research by biographers, investigators, and documentary-makers show that some of the Institute’s former senior personnel for many years corresponded with pedophiles and apparently never turned their names over to police.

It is also uncertain today whether the Kinsey Institute may still be receiving correspondence and “sexual histories” from pedophiles. Lina Zhou, the library head at the Institute, disclosed on March 6, 2005, that the Kinsey Institute had received another report from one of Kinsey’s first interviewees.

Zhou said: “When he [Kinsey] interviewed people, he encouraged them to record their subsequent behavior: self-stimulation, any kind of sexual contact. For 50-some years, ever since she was interviewed, she’s been reporting.”

And just what has she and potentially thousands of other people, including possible sexual predators, been reporting to the Kinsey Institute for the last 50 years? And how many possible victims have not been helped?

It’s time to stop giving taxpayer money to an institute that apparently protected the identities of sexual abusers of children. And it’s time to investigate, arrest, and prosecute any of the former Kinsey Institute staff members who allegedly helped aid, encourage, or cover-up for the pedophiles.

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I understand the need to report on this but please add a warning about the graphic content.
Matt Michonski
Anyone who is still alive that enabled or covered up (and continue to cover up)  what Kinsey was researching should by thrown in jail including the Rockefeller's who funded it.


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