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The 2010 Summer Symposium

in Gardone Riviera, Italy

Now Available on CD!

Remnant Press POSTED: Tuesday, September 22, 2010
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The Roman Forumís Summer Symposium in Gardone Riviera, Italy this past July was a monumental success. (See report and video log.)  Featuring a wide range of Catholic writers and thinkers from all over Europe and the United States, the aim of the Summer Symposium was to address the basic choice being forced upon contemporary Catholics today: Either we accept the dominant pluralist political, social and economic system, or we reaffirm loyalty to a classical and Christian vision of man and society that clashes profoundly with it.


The lecturers explored the origins of the current system and the ways in which classical and Christian political, social, and economic concepts contradict it, asking such basic questions as: How is it that many believers have been falsely convinced that the pluralist system fulfills the Catholic vision? What can be done to drive home the truth that pluralism is an attack on both Faith and Reason and a recipe for the triumph of the will in public and private life? What part does the authentic Catholic press play in all this? The Catholic family? Law, economics, the liturgical life of the Church, etc.


Each talk is available for $7 on a standard CD.  The entire Symposium is available on two MP3 CDs for $30. (An MP3 CD is a compact disc that contains digital audio in the MP3 file format. Recordings can be played on any DVD player, your computer and MP3 players in more recent home and auto CD exchangers.) Allow two weeks for delivery.




- Individual Lectures $7

(Plus P&H $3)

- Entire Symposium on 2 MP3 CDs: $30

(P&H $5 US/Canada, $10 outside North America)


The Entire Symposium on 2 CDs for $30 



For U.S. delivery:

For delivery outside of North America:


Brian McCall 1: The Drive to Codify v. Making Law in Light of Custom and Natural Law


Brian McCall 2: Unprofitable Lending:  Modern Credit Regulation and the Lost Theory of Usury


John Medaille: The modern world split the science of political economy into the partial disciplines of politics and economics, and thereby lost any real understanding of either. Only by recovering our past can we create a future.


Michael J. Matt: The Catholic Press: Serving the Truth and Surviving in a Pluralist, Blogging Information-Crazed Universe?


Christopher A. Ferrara: From Montesquieu to Holmes to Scalia: How Legal Positivism Triumphed over Truth.


Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro, HLI Rome: A brief survey of the history of Christian Democratic Party in Italy, and the problems that affected this experience.


Dale Ahlquist, the American Chesterton Society: "The Glorious Side of Social Decline: Chesterton on the New Dark Ages": Chestertonís historical perspective of the rise of the Barbarians against Roman Civilization provides prophetic insight into the current crumbling of our society. But he also offers hope and encouragement."


Rev. Dr. Richard Munkelt: Nominalism and the Triumph of the Will in the Modern World


James Bogle: Blessed Emperor Charles and the Fall of the Holy Roman Empire


Fr. Prendergraft, FSSP: A look at the progress and setbacks within Catholic restoration today.


Patrick Brennan, Villanova Law Professor: Are Catholics Unreliable from a Democratic Point of View?

John Rao 1: Catholic Awakening and the Traditionalist Democratic Temptation

John Rao 2: From Lamennais to Leo XIII (1831-1878


John Rao 3: Papal Guidance and Practical Dilemmas (1848-c.1910).


John Rao 4: Vitalism, Nuance, and the Fascist Temptation (1890ís-1945).


John Rao 5: The Triumph of the Will in the Marxist-Pluralist World (1939-2001)


John Rao 6: Escape From the Pluralist Triumph of the Will (2001-Present)


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