Traditional Catholics Protest Blasphemous Play

Remnant Press Relase
Joseph Weber

Dear Mr. Matt,

Last night we prayed in New York City in reparation for the gross insults to our Blessed Lady at Dillon's Lounge.  Over 300 faithful processed at least 6 times around the block, i.e. 54th St., Broadway, 53rd St., 8th Ave.  We prayed 15 decades of the Rosary, sang hymns, and ended by standing in front of this den of evil chanting the Litany of the Saints in Latin.  The place basically shut down after our arrival.  There were people from NYC, Long Island, Syracuse, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  We were lead by Frs. Zendejas, Gruen, Gonzales, Timothy Pfieffer, and Joseph Pfeiffer, all of the SSPX.

Thought you would like to know the above.  God bless.

Joseph Weber