With Apologies from RemnantNewspaper.com

Michael Matt
June 6, 2007

Dear Friends:

I apologize for our failure to update this site over the past two weeks.  Much of The Remnant staff (including our web master) were in France leading 50 Americans on the Pilgrimage to Chartres and then on to the holy shrines associated with St. Mary Magdalene and Our Lady of Cotignac in the South of France.  While updating to the Internet from abroad is possible, it is difficult and still very time consuming.

Please note that we are now back to our regular schedule, which includes multiple daily updates to our news links section and weekly updates to our homepage.

Please look for a full report on the Pilgrimage to Chartres in the June 30, 2007 issue of The Remnant.

Michael J. Matt

Editor, The Remnant