Alan Keyes
A Choice Not an Echo

by Kathleen Reyes

You are your own worst enemy—my mother used to tell me that when I was young.  Sometimes we are unsettled by a negative voice within, tempting us to think that we are not good enough, but over time we learn to disregard such thinking as counterproductive.  We learn to take chances putting our ideas, our personalities and our talents out there to test the waters of life.  As we succeed we learn who we are and we grow in confidence.  As I listen to members of conservative America during this election season, I am witnessing that same unsettling, negative voice working to erode confidence in our power to effect any change as a people.  We dare to listen to that voice and consequently, weakened, we assign the task to someone else:  a more certain voice; a more powerful group—compromising our standards.

For conservatives this is disastrous.  Let us begin by defining the word “conservative” as one who believes in protecting all life from conception to natural death, protecting and nurturing the aged and infirm as well.  Conservatives believe in the freedoms guaranteed by our nation’s laws which were formulated with great care by a people who held to faith in the biblical Creator God.  His laws are just and upon these laws our nation was founded. Over time these laws which guarantee protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been eroded bit by bit.  We now have a nation which is no longer proud of its freedoms but lives in shame of the torture and death of some 50 million of our own pre-born children.  Our schools have taken on the role of indoctrination of our youth in ways unbeknownst to their parents.  We wish we could change all that so we pray.  We hope for peace and freedom again.  We believe in goodness and truth.  We know that God is greater than all our problems and that He can prevail over our circumstances.  We have prayed and prayed….but I do not believe that we know how to listen.  I believe we have an answer now, and we may just walk away from it because we are afraid to trust our own judgment against that of popular opinion.

We have among the Republican candidates a sure voice for conservative America—Alan Keyes.  If elected president, he has vowed to remove by executive order the unconstitutional abortion law of the land--immediately.   Other candidates advocate letting states decide, allowing abortion to continue; not a pro-life position and one that Christians must take care to avoid.  Dr. Keyes will work to amend the constitution in order to protect traditional marriage from any further attacks by advocates for same-sex unions.  He will return this nation to a government of, by and for the people.  He is a Christian man whose entire life adheres to these principles.  He believes we deserve to keep our earnings and will work to establish a Fair Tax for Americans.  He plans to stay the course in Iraq so as not to leave a dangerous vacuum in that turbulent region.  His position as Ambassador to the UN in the Reagan Administration gives him the international experience we need in our president.  Under the Reagan/Keyes leadership we saw the crumbling of the iron curtain and no new outbreaks of war.  He has fought the pro-life battle on every front and was there to assist in the battle for the life of Terri Schiavo. 

It should be a “no-brainer” as they would say.  We ask for such things and now we have a candidate who is willing to deliver them.  We get excited about the prospect of a true conservative leader—a just and principled man.  Then we speak of this to other conservatives who agree that this is a good candidate indeed…but instead will vote for another “who can win.” THAT VOICE AGAIN!  “You are too small…you are too fragmented…you have little money…you don’t have big supporters or powerful connections….no chance…..have to compromise….the crumbs will be good enough and you should be grateful to have even the least, for that is better than nothing.”  This insidious voice speaks discouragement to us and we listen and we obey.  There are millions of true conservatives in this country, but not all of the Republican leaders speak for us.  The choices are vastly different.  One choice is not as good as the other.

I am becoming encouraged of late as more and more people are responding positively when they hear of Alan Keyes’ candidacy as a voice for true conservatives.  It is up to us to spread the word, encourage one another and unite for the causes we hold dear.  If we cast our votes for a so-called “winner,” we chance having a winner who may be a loser in the end.  However, if we all vote for a conservative leader, then collectively our votes may gain us a winner.  It is that simple.  Go to and learn about this candidate who just may be the answer to our prayers.  Ignore the naysayers and fortune tellers whispering doubts into our ears.  Vote for what is right, not what is popular.  Tell your friends and gather up support today.  We must, as conservatives, stand United.