Declaration Update



The response to Friday's request to defend Church teaching on salvation by defending the Holy Father has literally overwhelmed The Remnant webmaster. Throughout the afternoon and evening on Friday hundreds of concerned Catholics requested to sign the Declaration, and dozens of additional requests arrive each hour.  (Please click here to add your name.) We're attempting to post the signatures of some of the more well known priests, professors, journalists, spokesmen, and editors beneath the Declaration.  At the same time we're setting up an additional list of signatories to be appended to the Declaration and sent to the Holy Father under the heading: "Supporters of the International Declaration."  In this way, everyone who would like to take part in this initiative, which is fast taking on the feel of an actual petition, can do so.


Let me be clear about one thing: The drafters and original signers of the Declaration don't pretend to know what the outcome of any of this will be.  We're praying night and day about it, just as everyone else is. We can only imagine the sort of pressure the Holy Father is under at the moment, however, as powerful voices inside the Vatican and out conduct a full court press in favor of papal surrender to the terms of the international ecumenical movement.


Compared to all that, I'm afraid, a remnant is somewhat limited, humanly speaking.  But Faith can move mountains, and a remnant isn't any less obligated before God to do all it can to defend Truth when it comes under attack. Over the past couple of days itís been heartwarming beyond words to see so many tradition-minded Catholics from all over the world and the various "camps" come together in a common cause--to defend the Holy Father and his right to speak the Truth.  The growing list of names already appended to the Declaration bears this out.  But no one knows what is going to happen next.  The future will bring what it will bring, and, at the moment, as we see it, the task before us is to pray and work for a resolution to this controversy that favors Catholic Tradition. Rest assured the other side is getting little sleep in their efforts to influence the outcome their way.


If you haven't done so already, please sign the Declaration. The Holy Father must know the level of support he can expect now and in the future should he continue, even against powerful opposition, to make his way back down the narrow and rocky path towards Tradition.  Let's go meet him halfway, shall we? May God be with our Pope at this critical hour!


In Christo Rege,

Michael Matt