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The Remnant's Statement of Purpose

The Remnant strives to adhere to Catholic teaching in every aspect of its journalism. There has been great upheaval and revolution within the Catholic Church over the past five decades -- not unlike that encountered in the fourth century by St. Athanasius, called the Arian Heresy -- and, then as now, Catholics were obliged to oppose that which in any way contradicts the infallible teachings and immutable traditions of the Catholic Church.

The Mass

Never before in the history of the Church has there been a Mass that featured women in the sanctuary, laymen giving out Holy Communion, Communion being given out in the hand, altar girls, polka and rock music, clowns, kissing and hugging, priests offering Mass facing the people, etc.

Today these things have developed despite the fact that the Second Vatican Council never called for such irreverent changes in the Mass. These changes in the Mass have led to widespread loss of Faith among Catholics.

The Remnant sees itself as one of the many voices crying out against abusive liturgical and doctrinal aberrations such as Clown Masses, women priests, Communion in the hand, erroneous Theology, abusive and sacrilegious liturgical innovations, the abandonment of preaching the Four Last Things, the denial of sin and hell, the rise of phony ecumenism (which states that there is little or no difference between Catholicism and Protestantism, or between Catholicism and Mohammedanism or any other monotheistic religion, and that all religions are good), the annulment abuse, the abuse of NFP, etc.

The Crisis

The Remnant has been fighting against this revolution in the Church for over forty years, just as it has been fighting against the errors that infect the modern state-- Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, the New World Order, a degenerate youth culture, the abortion epidemic, euthanasia, sex education, etc.

Many of the abuses in the Catholic liturgy and in Catholic teaching have been sanctioned by priests and bishops, which is why most Catholics have been afraid to object to the near-constant attacks against traditional Catholicism which they see and hear at their local parishes. And, although in normal times laymen should not object to what priests and bishops may be teaching, these are not normal times.

Oftentimes, it is Modernist priests and bishops who are pushing radical and novel doctrinal and liturgical ideas, and, even though Catholics must respect their office, we are called upon to oppose Modernist thinking and radical new liturgical innovations which go contrary to the traditional teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

There are those who take this traditional Catholic counterrevolution too far--declaring that, since Vatican II helped to bring on all of this chaos and denial of Faith, then the popes who called the Council must not be legitimate popes. The Remnant has decried this erroneous conclusion, insisting that the Church’s legitimate pope is most certainly Pope Francis.

Loyal Opposition

Catholics cannot leave the Church, nor are they free to lambaste and deny the Pope at will for things like his "Altar Girl Permission" or the "Assisi Affair" or the convening of the Second Vatican Council.

Catholic lay people must guard against this attitude, which is commonly referred to as "sede vacantism." Nevertheless, Catholics must wake up to the fact that the Church is in a state of unprecedented revolution and turmoil at present, and that, since the Council, she has undergone a near total spiritual breakdown.

We fight that which is novel and goes against the traditional Catholic liturgies and infallible teachings of the past. The Remnant is not interested in starting its own Church or in crowning its own "traditional" pope.

We fight revolutionaries in the Church from within the Church. We are opposed to Modernism, phony ecumenism and anything else which compromises the traditional Catholic Faith-- but we labor for a restoration of the old Faith, not the foundation of a new "traditional" church.

The Remnant is part of the "Loyal Opposition"-- it defends the Pope as the legitimate Successor of St. Peter, and it also defends his strong stand on moral issues in the face of the Modern world.

The Remnant lives and breathes to defend the traditional Catholic Church. It supports no new theology, it gives no succor to the new ecumenism, and it will defend Catholic traditions for as long as God sees fit to allow it to keep going to press every two weeks.

An Independent Voice

It is also important to note that The Remnant is not affiliated with any particular traditionalist order of priests. We support all good priests, especially those laboring to restore the traditional Latin Mass.  We are Roman Catholic and that is all.  The Remnant's position is simply Catholic, and its purpose is simply to defend the traditions of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

The Restoration of the Catholic Church will come from the top down, and not from the bottom up. And so it is that lay efforts like The Remnant carry on, always looking to Rome for the real Restoration to finally begin. Until that happens though, laymen must do all in their power to keep their own Faith and to do what ever they can to help others to do the same in this spiritual Dark Age.

Rather than merely cursing that Darkness, The Remnant has attempted to keep the candle of the Catholic Faith lit, and to survive this nightmare until the light of the new dawn of the Restoration of the Catholic Church can be seen on the horizon.

May God help us all to keep the Faith until that
blessed day finally dawns!


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