Vatican II and the Regime of Novelty in the Roman Catholic Church

A new book by
Christopher A. Ferrara
and Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

  • Are you a tradition-minded Catholic?
  • Do you think the Catholic Church is in a state of crisis?
  • Are you tired of being called ugly names like "schismatic" just because you want to go to the Latin Mass and live the Catholic faith as your parents and grandparents lived it?

  Well, here’s the book for you!

With world-class cover art and a comprehensive index, this one’s perfect for the coffee table too!
Over 400 pages of skillful defense of Catholic tradition as well as refutation of the neo-Catholics’ most used and abused canards against Catholic traditionalists. For example:
  • You can’t criticize the pope—about anything under any circumstances!
  • No papal decision may be resisted in any way, even if it’s proved harmful to the Church!
  • You are "rejecting Vatican II" (a charge that is never explained)!
  • Vatican II was inspired by the Holy Ghost. It’s infallible in every way.
  • You have no right to speak out against changes in the church that the Vatican approves—you’re only a layman!
  • You’re on a "dangerous trajectory toward schism"!
  • You’re a "sedevacantist" or a "closet sedevacantist"!
  • The New Mass can’t be criticized—Paul VI promulgated it!
  • The Old Mass is absolutely forbidden without special permission!
  • What you call "novelty" is really only the "development" of Tradition!
  • I don’t like altar girls or Communion in the hand either, but you can’t object without being disloyal to the pope!
  • Sure, saints like Catherine of Siena resisted the novel opinions of the pope...but they were saints and you’re not!
  • What, are you more Catholic than the Pope?
  • If you love the Pope you must never question his prudential judgments! You're a pope-basher!
  • You’re an "integrist" (whatever that means)!
Tired of all the name-calling?
So are Ferrara and Woods!

Using a masterful blend of a lawyer’s grasp of logic and a historian’s critical understanding of the lessons of Catholic history, The Great Façade obliterates every argument the "neo-Catholics" and liberal Catholics think they have, while simultaneously mounting a beautiful defense of the Church’s glorious traditions and the movement which seeks to restore every last one of them. Using the wit and keen sense of humor that Remnant readers have come to expect from Woods (Harvard man and historian) and Ferrara (Catholic lawyer), this book is a joy to read. Its 400-plus pages go by as fast as a novel!

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Here’s what the early reviews are saying:

"Devastating." "Relentless."
-Father James McLucas
Editor of The Latin Mass magazine

"The book is the Swiss Army Knife of Roman Catholic Traditionalism."
-John O’Malley, M.A.
Catholic scholar and teacher

"This book will drastically reduce the comfort level of so-called "conservative" Catholics."
-John Vennari
CFN Editor

"One thing Woods and Ferrara definitely have that most neo-Catholic writers seem to lack is a sense of humor. The Great Façade entertains as it educates. And, man, does it entertain! Parts of this book are as hilarious as they are brilliant!"
-Michael J. Matt
Editor of The Remnant

"Hand this book to one of your "conservative" friends and then sit back and wait. Its intellectual force will stun them, and its bulletproof presentation will leave them groping for a response."
-Christina Matt
Catholic writer

At last, the entire case for Roman Catholic traditionalism all in one place,
and written with power, grace and humor.
This is a book you will read and reread for years to come.

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